Kitamura announces partnership with CAMplete solutions, Inc. Truepath software on 5-axis machining Centers

CAMplete’s versatile and flexible TruePath software package offers the end user everything needed to analyze, modify, optimize and simulate multi-axis tool paths in an integrated environment.

What is CAMplete TurePath?

In 5-Axis production systems the only thing between the CAM systems and the machine tools is a post-processor. However, most post-processors don’t account for the complex, non linear motion unique to each and every machine. This leads to unpredictable tool motion, and large variations in cutting conditions leaving poor and inconsistent surface finish, gouging, increased tool wear and inaccurate results.

CAMplete TruePath™ bridges the gap between all popular CAM systems and milling machines. It provides everything needed to analyze, modify, optimize and simulate 5-Axis tool paths in an integrated 3D environment.

Features of CAMplete TruePath™:

  • Full G-Code verification (Real machine motion not CAM CL Data)
  • Accurate Models provided directly by Kitamura
  • Prevents crashes, near-crashes, over-travels and setup errors
  • Verify entire set-up
  • Evaluate multiple machining strategies
  • Optimize toolpath to run more efficiently
  • Minimize tool lengths and fixture heights
  • Optimize approaches/retracts and federate
  • Direct integration with most CAM Software (Already established technical partnerships with over 90% of the CAM market)

Post Processing 

  • Ready to go “out of the box” for a particular model and options
  • Factory approved posts developed together with Kitamura


  • All machine options are available
  • True machine motion
  • Full collision detection, detects collisions early


  • Shorten set-up time
  • Identify and remove 5-axis errors

Kitamura’s line of machining centers are handcrafted in Japan and offer the end user superior accuracy and reliability necessary for machining in today’s competitive market. In working together with CAMplete in the development of the TruePath software, we have made the challenges and complexity of 5-axis machining easier and worry free for our end users.” said Mr. Ted Asano, Director/General Sales Manager at Kitamura Machinery Co., LTD.

Source:Kitamura Machinery

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