KUKA´s largest robot at Multicut

The largest KUKA installation in Denmark, and the industry’s largest robot: the KUKA robot KR 1000 titan is located at Multicut A/S in Vildbjerg, where it supports an FMS system with four CNC machining centers at the largest, heaviest end. There’s also another KUKA robot for milling and deburring operations.

KUKA robot handles heavy workpieces

The KUKA robot KR 1000 titan is undoubtedly the largest robot that we have ever dealt with – a hard-working tool that can lift and move workpieces in and out of the workstations”, says Hans Jørgen Gam, Technical Manager at QRS, who is responsible for the robotics part of Multicut’s FMS cell. Multicut is a machining and manufacturing specialist, based in Denmark. The large system is a solution where large, heavy workpieces are handled and finally machined.

KUKA robot works with four CNC machining centers

The robot loads in one place, and at the same time, the three other centers are running. Therefore, machine capacity can be completely exploit. “We have fully utilized the KUKA robot’s control system, so we know that the workpiece is located correctly before machining, and post-control, when we take the workpiece out again”, says Hans Jørgen Gam.

Second KUKA robot for milling and deburring operations

The final station, before workpieces leave the FMS system, also includes another smaller KUKA robot that mills and deburrs the edges of the holes so they are completely smooth and ready for use. The milling and deburring robot uses the KUKA.ForceTorqueControl for the operation to compensate for large variations in the workpieces.


More information

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