DrillLine – an Expansion of DrillMeister range for ø6.0-9.9 mm

DrillMeister features simple and swift drill head indexing due to its unique self-clamping system. Tool replacement is easy: just replace the drill head. There is no need to remove the entire drill body from the toolholder and re-adjust the tool overhang, thus reducing a large amount of tool change time. A drill head can be mounted or removed with small torque and can be done in the machine as needed.


The new diameter ranges of ø6.0-9.9 mm will be available with the TID type drill bodies of 1.5D, 3D, 5D, and 8D, assuring incredible drilling performance for small diameter hole making in various materials. The flange type drill body is designed for excellent chip evacuation due to the high helical flute angle and special-polished flute surface. Excellent chip evacuation can be achieved even in drilling deep holes of 5xD or deeper where chip evacuation tends to be difficult.

DrillMeister not only improves efficiency in machining but also drastically reduces machining cost by minimizing tool change time and eliminating regrinding cost.


  • New Drill diameters: 6.0-9.9 mm (increment: 0.1 mm) for 1.5D, 3D, 5D, and 8D
  • High helix flute angle and special polished flute surface deliver excellent chip evacuation.
  • Self-clamping system simplifies drill head changes and provides high repeatability.
  • As the unique clamping structure prevents the deformation of the drill body, the number of heads for a body substantially increases.
  • Innovative cutting edge geometry and grade property achieve exceptionally long tool life.

SourceTungaloy Corporation

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