SCHUNK starts the integration of the world’s largest gripper program into the EPLAN data portal

By integrating its portfolio of gripping systems into the EPLAN Data Portal, SCHUNK, a competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, is producing significant efficiency benefits when it comes to designing assembly and handling systems. To begin with, the leading supplier for technology equipment of robots and production has made the electrical and fluid diagrams of 16 series with a total of 843 individual components available on the web-based data platform.


Users of EPLAN now have access to the main modules of the world’s largest standard gripping component program from SCHUNK.

This includes the gripper flagships of the PGN-plus, PZN-plus and MPG-plus families and the main sensors from SCHUNK’s accessories program. The mechatronic 24V modular gripping system with EGP grippers, the compact EGS gripper/swivel modules, the self-learning ELP linear axes and the intelligent EGL mechatronic grippers with CAN bus and Profibus interface are available with immediate effect now. All other series from the world’s largest standard gripping component program are to follow gradually along with numerous rotary, linear, and robot accessory modules. The macros provided reduce the workload of designers and plant planners and enable them to improve the quality of the machine and plant documentation. All data is available on the EPLAN platform in the latest version all around the globe. Data can either be integrated directly into the corresponding EPLAN software solution, or downloaded via the browser version of the EPLAN Data Portal for use in other CAE programs and can be easily inserted by drag & drop into the individual plans. The standardized macros make planning more efficient and reduce the risk of errors. Hyperlinks in the EPLAN data portal make it easy to update the existing electrical and fluid diagrams. More than 100,000 engineers already use the EPLAN data portal around the world. A total of about 700,000 component data of more than 175 manufacturers can be found on the platform.


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