Greater damping with latest Silent Tools™ milling adaptors

Small changes in cutter interface and damper design have given the latest Silent Tools™ milling adaptors from cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant significantly better dynamic behaviors. The result is unbeaten metal removal potential when slender milling tools are required.


Silent Tools milling adaptors have long been the first choice for optimal performance with long milling cutter assemblies. With the upgraded Silent Tools milling adaptors from Sandvik Coromant, production engineers can now take another step to enhance productivity, process security and surface finish in operations with slender tool assemblies.

Inside the adaptors is a pre-tuned passive damper – a counteracting mass that acts as a shock absorber,” explains Pål A. Sollie, Product & Application Specialist at Sandvik Coromant. “The damper improves the dynamic behaviour of the tool assembly to a level where there is room to achieve the best milling tool quality and unbeaten metal removal rates for a variety of milling applications with slender tools, whether it is face milling (even at high feed), deep shoulder and side milling, pocketing, slot milling, profiling, circular ramping or helical interpolation.

Additional advantages with the new adaptors include undersized shanks to achieve side clearance between the adaptor and workpiece when using nominal size milling cutters. The use of a nominal diameter cutter, rather than an oversized cutter is advantageous because a lower mass in the cutter makes the job easier for the damper and you can go smooth at higher speed (like a car with magnesium wheels compared to a car with steel wheels).Having the flexibility to use nom​inal size cutters eliminate the need to compromise component designs and productivity when the use of slender milling tool assemblies are required.

Suitable for all ISO material groups, the new Silent Tools milling adaptors can be deployed on tool assemblies with useable lengths from 4 x cutter diameter. They are av​ailable with Coromant Capto®​ and HSK-A/C as machine side interfaces.

SourceSandvik Coromant

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