New TP3501 Secure Grade with Seco Used Edge detection

Seco Tools has expanded its family of Duratomic-technology-based TP grades to include TP3501, a grade that provides optimal application security. The new grade is ideal for steel turning applications that involve heavy interruptions, less stable machines, small internal features or weak setups due to part size or shape.

TP3501 joins TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 to complete the grade offering for steel turning and features Seco’s latest Duratomic technology-based coatings for high and reliable performance in specific cutting materials and applications. Introduced by Seco in 2007 as the industry’s first textured, a-based Al2O3 coating, Duratomic technology manipulates coating components at an atomic level to achieve improved mechanical and thermal properties. The technology enhances performance by attaining the elusive balance of toughness and hardness.

The new TP grade also incorporates Seco’s EDGE INTELLIGENCE concept – an integration of extensive high-performance insert experience and knowledge that makes every cutting edge count. The grade features Chrome Used-Edge Detection, which allows a user to instantly identify when an edge has been used, thus reducing potential waste.

The comprehensive range for TP3501 includes nearly 400 inserts in a wide variety of available geometries, including the widely applicable M6.


More information

On the official SECO TP3501 site.