What’s Better than Feeds and Speeds? Built-in Cutting Tool Advice

When CAD/CAM programmers and machinists search for the right cutting tools and tool holders, the process starts in reverse. They look for tools first, then see the tool’s specifications and decide if it’s right for the job. But what if we turned this process around? Why can’t the user specify the job, and then get recommendations from tool manufacturers?


With MachiningCloud’s new Tooling Advisor feature, machinists can find expert manufacturer advice on the most suitable cutting tools and processes for workpieces and machines with a simple click. Tool adviser will show how to find the right combination of tools for a specific use as recommended by the selected cutting tool manufacturer.

Daniel, a MachiningCloud user at Anthony Machine said, “I checked Tooling Advisor’s’ recommendation and it matched what I am stocking and using exactly. In areas where I don’t have a lot of existing tooling, I’m going to check Tooling Advisor first.”

1-2-3 Ease with Tooling Advisor

If a user wants to receive customized advice from the cutting tool manufacturer, the process is simple. Let’s say the job is to machine a thirty by twenty millimeter shoulder with a five millimeter bottom radius:

  1. Select Kennametal as the manufacturer then on the homepage, select tool adviser, the operation type of application, and then the type of shouldering.
  2. On the next page the user will specify parameters such as the workpiece material depth with the corner style floor radius as well as the tolerances. Users can also select the quality of wall surface they want from the drop down and click continue.
  3. In the next step it’s time to select the strategy, in this example, the two-tools-strategy is selected. This brings up two options that match the parameters. One tab displays the finishing tools and the other the roughing tools. Scroll to the right to see more information on these options. The blue circled “i” can be selected to see the tool details.

That’s it. Once selected the roughing and finishing tool, add them to a job any modifications, such as adding an adaptor, can be made in the tool configurator.

MachiningCloud is an Industry 4.0 app that continues to push the envelope for machinists so that cutting tool selection is smarter, easier, and faster.

Source:MachiningCloud blog

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