New End Mill Corner Radii RE 6 For The Aerospace Industry

Seco Tools introduced new end mill corner radii for aerospace applications.

In response to the ongoing evolution of aerospace component design, Seco has introduced a new RE size 6 corner radius for a variety of standard end mills commonly used by manufacturers producing parts for this segment. The new radius strengthens part walls when compared to sharp-cornered pockets, allowing for thinner walls and floors that result in weight reductions. The RE=6 radius is available for Jabro®-HPM JHP 770 and 780 and Jabro-Solid2 JS522 and JS554.


Incorporating differential flute spacing to avoid vibrations, JHP770 and JHP780 are optimised for titanium and heat resistant superalloys, respectively. JS522 uses chamfers and special edge preparations to ensure smoother part finishes in one pass. JS554 features a smaller neck diameter to maximise clearance. With the RE=6 corner radius, each of these solid end mills offers strong performance in ISO S12 titanium, as well as S11 and S13.


More information

On Seco’s official website.