Goodbye Analogue, Hello Digital

With the new EPB 890 digital boring heads, Seco Tools made fine boring easier and more precise than ever before. As the only digital boring heads on the market that display the absolute diameter settings as well as the relative diameter adjustment, these heads guarantee accurate cuts by providing diameter readings and settings within 1 μm.


The EPB 890’s Universal Digital Display Controller (UDDC) plugs directly into the head and is self-holding, freeing up the user’s hands to make adjustments. The large display panel always shows readouts horizontally, making it easy to read data from any position. A patented automatic balancing feature further enhances performance and user-friendliness by automatically adjusting a counterweight in the same axis as the setting piston for the insert holder. This ensures that the EPB 890 is perfectly balanced every time its diameter is adjusted.


• Four head sizes with Graflex machine-side connections
• Bore diameters from 39 mm to 115 mm / 1.53″ to 4.52″
• Digital display shows absolute and relative measurements in metric or inch
• The universal digital display controller can be used for any number of boring heads


SourceSeco Tools

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