Festo press systems in the Industry 4.0 era

The servo press kit YJKP, designed for electronics and small parts manufacturing, represents the key features of Industry 4.0 by ensuring easy, intuitive operation and using the communication standard OPC UA. Thanks to its operating software, the Festo system provides the answer to major issues associated with Industry 4.0, such as precise sizing, adaptation to the application, and real-time data control.


Qualification for Industry 4.0: Festo Didactic offers a cyber-physical learning and research platform in the form of the CP Factory. This platform models the stations in a real production plant. (Photo: Festo Didactic SE)

It’s a simple equation: power costs money. And when presses in electronics and small parts manufacturing are oversized, it can often cost too much. This is precisely where the servo press kit YJKP from Festo comes in: electric press-fitting applications with up to 17 kN can be implemented simply and cost-effectively.

Pre-installed software

The operating software required for the system is already installed, making it ready to use straight away. Setting its parameters is an easy, intuitive process – no programming skills are needed. The modular software in CODESYS, featuring application-specific functions, can be used on a PC, iPad or other types of human-machine interface and is compatible with all kinds of platforms. The controller CECC-X with OPC UA interface makes the system ready for Industry 4.0. With the YJKP, it is easy to monitor press-fitting applications and lots of other parameters in real time. These include force, displacement, angle and torque as well as joining, press-fitting, swivelling and rotation processes.


The highlights of the servo press kit: the software, controller and hardware are perfectly harmonised with one another.

Whether the application is to press-fit printed circuit boards into housings, insert precision parts in clock mechanisms, seal module housings or press-fit and testing seals, the servo press kit from Festo provides a simple and pre-assembled system solution. It comprises modular operating software and harmonised standard Festo components – the electric spindle drive ESBF, the motor EMMS-AS, the motor controller CMMP-AS, the controller CECC-X and a force sensor. It is a system solution that machine and plant builders in electronics and small parts manufacturing can quickly and easily integrate into their press applications.

Individualised for increased benefit

The configurable servo press kits can be tailored to the needs of the user, guaranteeing a flexible design and reducing investment costs. This is advantageous for users as they acknowledge that in 90% of all cases they use just 10% of the power of a pre-assembled press from an established manufacturer.

The modular system allows users to choose a force range between 0.8 and 17 kN, a stroke length of 100 to 400 mm, as well as axial or parallel attachment of the motor. They can also choose whether they require a single-turn or multi-turn encoder. In a word, they only choose the functions they need, thus avoiding expensive oversizing.

Easy to use

The operating software GSAY also makes life easy for users. It is pre-installed in the controller and is thus ready for use as soon as system integration is complete. No programming skills are needed and parameterising the press unit is simple and intuitive. The modular software offers a range of application-specific functions and can be displayed on any platform, on a PC, tablet or any other type of human-machine interface.


Start page for operating software GSAY: commissioning

Thanks to the function elements in the software’s integrated library, joining processes are quick to configure and easy to implement. Monitoring the process is simple, as all the steps can be fully checked and tracked for quality assurance using the software, and users can reload the results of each individual stage if needed. The three current evaluation and control procedures for the envelope curve, threshold value and windowing are already integrated in the software. What’s more, the innovative servo press kit has a number of smart pre-configured functions and an OPC UA interface that is compatible with Industry 4.0.

Training 4.0

Festo_ServoPressKit_post5Generating more data is one issue, but interpreting it and arriving at the right conclusions is another. Employees in industry as well as students at vocational colleges and universities will therefore need to be trained specifically for Industry 4.0.

An understanding of fully automated digital production technologies and knowledge of the layout and programming of digital system networks is crucial. Otherwise, tomorrow’s employees will not be able to operate and optimise systems or develop flexible, intelligent components, and thus make a contribution to the necessary versatility and adaptability of the systems.

Festo Didactic offers a cyber-physical learning and research platform in the form of the CP Factory. This platform models the stations in a real production plant. Learning content includes, for example, systems programming, networking, energy efficiency and data management. The platform also enables flexible software solutions to be developed and tested so that they can be used in production.



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