KUKA flexibleCUBE laser expands product portfolio

KUKA Industries has enlarged its product family: Besides the KUKA flexibleCUBE arc (the compact welding cell for automated arc welding), the KUKA flexibleCUBE laser is also available immediately for customers.

We thus offer an alternative in the field of laser machining. Some of our customers see great potential for implementing a compact and flexible production cell,” explains Siegfried Heißler, Division Head / Vice President ARCLAS at KUKA Industries.


The KUKA flexibleCUBE is the product of an intensive process of development work. “We looked at the needs of the market and our customers,” says Heißler. “The compact cell evolved on the basis of our customers’ wishes and it is ideal for a dynamic production environment.” The comprehensive modular Cube system offers a variant to match any requirement. The compact cells require little space and can be easily relocated with a fork lift truck. Siegfried Heißler explains: “Demand determines supply. That is the reason why we developed the compact welding cell. We also see great potential in laser applications for the compact solution from KUKA.”
KUKA flexibleCUBE laser: one cell, many advantages

kuka_flexiblecubelaser_post3The KUKA flexibleCUBE laser provides the same advantages as the KUKA flexibleCUBE arc: flexible thanks to its compact design, user-friendly thanks to the plug & play solution and a high standard of quality. The compact turnkey cell includes the KUKA robot, the laser processing head, the laser-proof safety enclosure, the positioner as well as a modern cell and process visualization tool. The open system can be combined with the most suitable laser for the particular application. The automation specialist has acquired expertise in joining technology over decades and, with the KUKA flexibleCUBE laser, offers an automation solution which meets the highest quality requirements.

One concept, a wide range of applications

The flexible design of the flexibleCUBE laser enables a broad spectrum of laser processes. Laser cutting and welding as well as laser cladding can be carried out. Thanks to the open system, the optimal laser beam source can be selected for the specific application.

One variant is the KUKA flexibleCube laser with KUKA’s MWO-I Powder optics for laser cladding. In this case, the component is guided by a robot under stationary optics. The fiber-coupled diode laser used here combines all the associated components into a compact unit fully integrated into the flexibleCUBE laser.


In order to make new work environments both highly productive and ergonomically beneficial for the labor force, KUKA is developing central key technologies: collaborative robots, mobile assistance systems, autonomously controlled vehicles and intelligently networked automation solutions that support humans in the work setting, easing the workload in a variety of ways. “The networking of the cell is also of great importance,” explains Heißler. “This allows the system data to be displayed and accessed centrally from anywhere in the world.


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