At IMTS Chicago in September, many manufacturers, media and others who visited the Mazak booth were very interested in learning more about SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY. Rightfully so because it is unique to the industry and helps keep shops of all sizes productive, efficient, competitive and at the forefront of innovation.

As a complete process-performance platform, SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY spans the entire part-production landscape – from programming and setup to metal removal operations and automation, data collection and process monitoring. All of the solutions and advanced technologies under the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY umbrella could basically fall into four facets – Machine Design, Engineering Support, CNC Technology and Advanced Solutions. Each facet delivers breakthrough manufacturing innovations on its own, but when combined, shops really begin to experience the difference in their part production.mazak_smoothtechnology_post2

Machine Design

Today’s turning, milling, Multi-Tasking and 5-axis machines are capable of incredible speeds and power which can dramatically increase versatility and Done In One® part production for today’s job shops. As a result of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY, machines benefit from continuous design and hardware improvements. One in particular is high-speed servo systems that make machines more efficient and accurate.

The modern high-speed servo systems are specially designed to “fine tune” a machine’s movement and eliminate the typical jerking that occurs when changing direction, especially when moving at intensely high speeds. In fact, this smoothing of the machine’s motion is what actually led to the platform’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY name.

The industry’s most advanced machine tools – thanks to SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY – paired with the right level of automation keep you well ahead of the competition. Mazak bar feeders, gantry loaders and new Multi-Pallet Pool single-machine automation system that saves valuable shop floor space will each improve your throughput and profitability.

Engineering Support

The increasing complexity of today’s parts continues to raise new challenges for shops. Mazak’s professionals believe expert engineering support is vital to ensuring manufacturers are receiving skillfully engineered, reliable equipment and using that equipment to its utmost potential, so much so that they’ve made such support part of the company’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform.

CNC Technology

Machine controls play a major role in the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform. The Smooth CNC controls lineup, which includes MAZATROL SmoothX, SmoothG and the new MAZATROL SmoothC, makes it possible to run both MAZATROL conversational programming language and EIA/ISO programming. Users can even combine the two to optimize the strengths of each.

The Mazak Smooth CNCs offer the world’s fastest processing speeds and user-friendly programming capabilities. Features such as Variable Acceleration Control that calculates optimal acceleration for a combination of axis, Intelligent Pocket Milling that engages a high-efficiency toolpath when milling part cavities and several others dramatically increase the ease of use and performance of machines. Furthermore, the controls are MTConnect® ready which opens up a world of possibilities in terms of equipment connectivity and the use of various software packages that make it possible to monitor and manage machines and equipment even when you are away from the shop.


Advanced Solutions

The built-in monitoring capabilities of MAZATROL Smooth controls and other forward-thinking technologies make up the Advanced Solutions facet of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform. Designed to open new avenues for productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes, these solutions include data-driven innovations such as Mazak SMOOTH Link that enables shops to sync a machine with a mobile device, then monitor and manage its status from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY also comprises a host of advanced machining, advanced programming, metrology and compensation, tool management and automation solutions – all designed to make Mazak machines and their users more productive.

SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform represents so much more than just hardware and software advances. It includes all the tools necessary to stay competitive, achieve your goals and find new opportunities to grow. To find out more about how SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY can take you to the next level of production, please visit MazakUSA.com. Or better yet,visit the Mazak iSMART Factory™ in Kentucky or one of the seven other technology centers strategically located throughout North America to see how this technology platform is changing part-processing operations.


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