The New LEANTOOL Concept from Bihler

Extremely short implementation times, 70% reduction in manufacturing costs and extremely fast, 100% reproducible setup operations – These are the decisive advantages of the new LEANTOOL system by Bihler.

Manufacturers of stamped and formed parts know that time is money. If you are the first to present a comprehensive, competitive offer to the customer, you are awarded the contract. With its servo-controlled RM-NC and GRM-NC stamping and forming machines in conjunction with the new LEANTOOL concept, Bihler offers a standardized solution platform to be one step ahead of your competition. Results are provided in no time with the feasibility statement. The bending workspace for the stamped and formed wire or strip part is clearly defined, the bending sequences are easy to plan and the calculation becomes plausible.


Simple design

Subsequently, the designer can follow a common theme throughout the entire concept with the simple design methodology of the bNX technology software. This means that all LEANTOOL Standard Parts are specified in the reuse library of the design software. The parametrically designed LEANTOOL tool model can easily be adapted to the part to be stamped and formed by the engineer. This means individual solutions are avoided right from the start and costs are reduced. In addition, stock keeping and tool manufacturing can be adapted to this standard. If required, individual special tool solutions are possible at any time with the LEANTOOL concept.


High degree of standardization

After the design stage, manufacturing the tool components starts immediately. Thanks to the high degree of standardization, the number of tool components is greatly reduced, 50% of parts are standard parts, and individual tool parts are reduced to a minimum. This means that in most cases, all required tool components can be produced within one day. With LEANTOOL, there is no more tooling plate like with mechanical stamping and forming machines. All tool parts such as stamps and cores are pre-equipped directly on the standard tool modules. The setter then simply installs these on the NC units with quick-change systems. He then positions them together with the bending punches using the VC 1 control system and the NC slide positioning unit – with 100% reproducibility in a matter of minutes. Said and done: And right away, the stamping and forming machine produces up to 300 precision stamped and formed parts per minute.

Special LEANTOOL training

Thanks to the rapid implementation time from initial inquiry all the way to production, savings of 70% compared to bending tools on mechanical equipment can be achieved. Users bring new products to market before the competition and at a lower cost, even with very small batch sizes. Bihler offers a two-day design seminar for the new LEANTOOL concept. In this seminar, participants will learn how to achieve a clear and structured approach for the design of their bending tools with the correct selection of LEANTOOL standardized tools.


Test the app

In addition to the LEANTOOL concept, Bihler introduced its new “Planning” Web App. The app for stamping and forming technology is the ideal tool for planners and designers. The Bihler Web App provides a quick answer to the question: “How do I bend stamped and formed parts?” The free demo version also contains a sample database with a wealth of Bihler knowledge.

Useful source of inspiration

The app is a useful source of inspiration for new solutions using the principle of similarity. It offers an easy and quick overview of all aspects for implementing stamped and formed parts. Additional information such as production speed and processing time per batch will be outlined clearly. In the future, the Web App is constantly being expanded with additional case studies and features for component planning and costing.

GRM 80P “HYBRID” stamping and forming machine – when mechanical systems meet servo technology


With the GRM 80P “HYBRID” stamping and forming machine, users benefit from the advantages of a mechanical system as well as servo technology on a single machine – high dynamics and maximum flexibility. Precision stamped and formed parts as well as assemblies can be manufactured with significantly higher productivity. The powerful machine impresses with high speeds of up to 250 1/min. and the ability to flexibly integrate NC axes in manufacturing concepts. The new RZV 2.1. NC feed draws in strip and wire material highly dynamic with up to 3.2 m/s at a precision of 0.02 mm and provides more processing time for subsequent processes.

NC axes for easier tool solutions

Additional NC axes can be integrated at any position of the work plate for easier tool solutions. Forming movements are performed with constant transmission of force. Path / force changes are performed quickly and easily using the VariControl control system. NC central dies allow to complete the entire setup from the front of the machine. The rigid 400 kN press offers plenty of space for high-performance carbide tools and guarantees a long service life. With the separate press module, users benefit from a machining path of more than 2,100 mm on the GRM 80P “HYBRID” for comprehensive tool solutions.


More information

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