Intelligent clamping pressure adjustment speeds up tool change

The SCHUNK TRIBOS fixed scanner stationary reading system for SCHUNK TRIBOS precision toolholders for micro machining promises more speed and maximum process reliability when changing tools. The intelligent clamping pressure adjustment system is permanently installed on SCHUNK TRIBOS SVP clamping devices and is connected to the controller with a cable connector.


SCHUNK polygonal toolholders are just as in demand in the watch and jewelry industry as in the die construction, automotive and aviation industries.

When changing tools, the operator combines the precision adapters with the appropriate SCHUNK SRE reduction insert, as before, and inserts both of them into the intended opening of the clamping device. There the reading system captures the individually required clamping pressures via a DataMatrix code on the reduction insert and adjusts them automatically on the device. This means that manual data entry errors and damage to the toolholder due to excessive clamping pressure are excluded. In addition, the automated process shortens tool changing.


The SCHUNK TRIBOS fixed scanner stationary reading system is directly connected to the SCHUNK TRIBOS SVP clamping device. The system records the toolholder type via a DataMatrix code on the reduction unit and automatically limits the clamping pressure required for the tool change.

As SCHUNK SRE clamping inserts are only used outside of the machine room and no abrasive chips are exposed, damage to the DataMatrix code is all but eliminated. The intelligent clamping pressure adjustment can be used for the TRIBOS-Mini, TRIBOS-RM and TRIBOS-S series. They are offered as an option for the TRIBOS SVP-2D, SVP-2D/H, SVP-3 and SVP-4 clamping devices. For existing clamping devices, the system can be retrofitted quickly and easily. Due to its compact dimensions, it is also suitable for confined space conditions.


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