Hybrid Multi-tasking machine “INTEGREX i-200S AM’’

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation has announced the start of sales of a new hybrid multi-tasking machine, the INTEGREX i-200S AM (Additive Manufacturing) equipped with Multi-Laser Metal Deposition, which integrates additive manufacturing technology with Mazak’s extensive multi-tasking expertise.


The new Multi-Laser Metal Deposition Technology is the result of the Strategic Innovation Promotion Programs, a national project initiated by the government of Japan.

Multi-Laser Metal Deposition is a new technology in which multiple laser beams in the AM head are used to melt powdered metal which is fed through the center of the head. It is effective for the production of precise features, for heat-sensitive thin sheet metal material and for complex surfaces thanks to the stable supply of powdered metal through the center of the AM head. In order to maximize the processing area, the AM head is mounted on a gantry and is automatically moved to a storage area to prevent any contamination by machined chips or coolant during machining. Utilizing these technologies, this new machine provides the process integration for practical manufacturing applications such as for aerospace components, metal cladding for chemical plant valves and the repair of dies and turbine blades.

The INTEGREX i-200S AM Hybrid Multi-tasking machine will be exhibited during JIMTOF 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight. Yamazaki Mazak will continue to provide the manufacturing industry solutions that meet today’s requirements as well as tomorrow’s.


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