EMUGE precision clamping technology now in modular version

Additional to the special solutions individually tailored to the workpiece or tool EMUGE offers now its first modular clamping system. The simple, versatile construction offers flexibility for appropriate clamping ranges and allows quick convertion.

The modular clamping system EMUGE ExaClamp consists of the components connecting flange, traction device and clamping device. The connecting flange is available for the popular machine connections KK6, KK8 and KK11 (DIN ISO 702-1-A6/A8/A11). It offers a universal interface that is suitable for the three versions of the mandrel and the flanged chuck. The traction device, individually adapted to each machine type, is offered as a standard or a quick-change version for a mandrel as well as for a flanged chuck. Up to 50% can be saved for the retrofitting by using the quick-change version, because it offers quick-change connections to the other devices.


EMUGE ExaClamp with quick-change traction device

The three versions of the mandrel cover a clamping range from 18 to 36mm and allow a maximum torque transmission between 24 and 35Nm, depending on the clamping diameter. For best reliability and operation, the mechanical EMUGE System SZ (slitted collet with a mono-taper) is used for the mandrel with the smallest clamping range and System SG (slitted clamping bush with a special buttress thread) for the two bigger versions was chosen. The flanged chuck that is based on our SZ – clamping system offers a clamping range from 65 to 120 mm and a maximum torque transmission between 180 and 350 Nm.


EMUGE ExaClamp with standard traction device

With these specifications, the EMUGE ExaClamp is focused on applications with large quantities and high requirements to accuracy, accompanied by frequently changed set-ups in both hard and soft machining. Especially the quick-change version supports saving time and money through its easy handling of changed set-ups.

Technical data of mandrel and flanged chuck:

Technical Data Mandrel Flanged Chuck
Clamping System SZ SG SG SZ
Clamping Range 18-22mm 22-28mm 28-36mm 65-120mm
True Running Accuracy 10 µm
Axial run-out Accuracy 5 µm
Maximum Speed (1/min) 3,000 1/min
Balance Quality G6,3
Maximum Transferable Torque 24 Nm 29 Nm 35 Nm 180-350 Nm
Maximum Activating Force 12,000 N 30,000 N
Weight ca. 35 kg ca. 45 kg
Total Length 234 mm (with KK11: 254 mm) 225 mm (with KK11: 245 mm)
The connecting Flange is available for machine connections KK6, KK8 and KK11.
Airflow control device and sealing air are integrated. Adjustability for change of mandrel and flanged chuck not necessary.


More information

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