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A new range of tools for drilling spot welds and sheet metal has been developed by Dormer Pramet. The new spot weld drills have been specifically designed for drilling out spot welds to release steel panels and sheets. A number of standard sizes are available to suit common spot welds found in the automotive and trailer repair industry.



Manufactured from high speed cobalt (HSS-E), the A723 drill, which has a bronze surface finish, offers high hot hardness to retain a sharp cutting edge under extreme conditions. The drills, launched under Dormer brand, feature a strong web for additional strength and improved penetration in tough conditions. Their short flute also gives stability when hand held drilling thin panels and sheet.

Meanwhile, the Dormer High Speed Steel (HSS) sheet metal drills are available in a number of standard sizes to suit common rivets, screws and bolts. Suitable for drilling thin sheet steel and panels, the A123 range features a 120° point geometry with a short flute to provide easy penetration and rigidity in portable applications.

Its thin web at the point provides excellent self-centering properties, while its steam tempered surface improves performance and reduces the chance of built-up edge. A double ended version (A119) is also available from Dormer Pramet’s product range.

As part of the launch, several new sets have been added. This includes a ‘compact drill’ set (A087) featuring 19 popular sizes of its TiN coated A002 jobber drill for general purpose drilling, as well as a 19 and 25 piece set containing the A108 HSS quick spiral jobber drill for stainless steel (A188). Meanwhile, to complement the existing range of center drills, they have introduced several new designs to further expand the applications covered.

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