Trimming and polishing within one operation

The Cut&Form end mills of FRANKEN`s product line “Expert” are characterized by an unique tool geometry. It enables during trimming the finishing and polishing operation in one step.


Application with the Cut&Form End Mill.

The product line FRANKEN Expert contains tool- and milling technologies based on specific technical product features invented by FRANKEN. The Cut&Form end mills enable during trimming the finishing and polishing operation in one step. This feature is based on a patented cutting edge geometry of the end mills. Each cutting edge is followed by a pressure ridge, that compacts and smoothens the material and leads to polished surfaces. As a result of this specific end mill geometry the surface roughness is N1-N3. This characteristic saves an additional operation, often accompanied with high manual or machining effort. Especially in production of design surfaces in medical technology, jewelry industry, food or electronics sector this technology enables saving of manufacturing cost and production time.


The Cut&Form end mills are available in two different lengths, with diameters between 6 and 12mm and cutting lengths from 10 to 26 mm. The focus on applications in non-ferrous materials such as copper, copper alloys and aluminium alloys.


More information

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