Okuma invites visitors to discuss and experience Industry 4.0

Okuma will host an open house in order to provide customers, distributors and media representatives with a first-hand look at the manufacturer’s approach to the fourth industrial revolution. Via a real time simulation of a state-of- the-art smart factory, visitors will gain valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 . The one-day event is held on three consecutive days from October 25 to October 27 at Okuma’s European headquarters in Krefeld, Germany.


Over the course of the event, Okuma will address unmanned production, connectivity, visualisation and production flexibility. All of the machines in Okuma’s showroom will be network connected in order to accurately mimic the exchange of data in a smart factory. Visitors will be able to monitor the dataflow via a central screen. In hourly guided tours around the facility participants will learn how analysing big data enables an increase in production quality while reducing costs and shortening delivery times.

Live machining demonstrations and multiple presentations will cover topics such as production cell and tool data management, product and information tracking, user management and more. Live machining demonstrations will round off the event. Afterwards, visitors are welcome to engage in individual discussions with Okuma experts.


More information

On Okuma’s official website.