New Synchronous Motors from Rexroth: Compact Design for Higher Workpiece Quality

The new IndraDyn S series MS2N synchronous servo motors from Rexroth improve the constancy of the path velocity and hence the processing quality thanks to significantly reduced torque ripple. Moreover, in conjunction with IndraDrive control units, completely new applications for higher availability of printing machines in networked environments are possible with the MS2N motors as a data source.

The new IndraDyn S series MS2N carefully performs intelligent scans all the way up to the motor. That’s because the individual measurements of each individual motor, as well as the saturation and temperature data, are stored in the respective motor’s memory and automatically processed by IndraDrive controllers. This information greatly increases the precision of the torque and reduces the tolerance range while in operation to a fraction of what were previously normal values. In addition, the servo motor also provides data for the first time. In doing so, operators of machine tools can implement Industry 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both economically and without additional components.


Greater consistency in the movements and more compact dimensions: The new generation of synchronous servo motors from Rexroth is especially suitable for use in machines tools.

Reduced torque ripple for constant path velocity

Thanks to the new motor construction and an optimized electromagnetic design, the new generation is able to achieve significantly reduced torque ripple. This is especially important for maintaining constant path velocity and thus increased product quality, for example in free form milling. In addition, the developers at Bosch Rexroth have reached up to 30 percent higher torque density. The motors are significantly more compact despite their enhanced performance. Machine manufacturers can thus use smaller motors in existing drive tasks or use more power within a given motor compartment. The up to five times overload capacity guarantees the fastest acceleration and optimum dynamism for all sizes. With different degrees of rotor inertia, machine manufacturers can offer application-oriented design for different masses on the axes.

Thanks to high-quality materials, the MS2N motors achieve significantly greater continuous power, even at higher speeds. As such, the new development is also perfectly suited for use in driven tool axes in lathes. Also, the motors help to reduce internal losses thanks to their optimized winding technique. Thus, the new generation increases energy efficiency remarkably.

Finely scalable from 4 Nm to 360 Nm

Rexroth offers the IndraDyn S series MS2N in six sizes with up to five lengths each. The series covers the power range from 4 Nm to 360 Nm maximum torque and 0.8 Nm to 148 Nm continuous torque at standstill. Machine manufacturers can choose from among three encoder systems, which are all finely graded in both precision and resolution. For the electrical connection of power and encoder signal, Rexroth provides an innovative single cable connection, as well as conventional two-cable solutions with highly flexible cable options and practical quick-lock.


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