Hoffmann Group with a new concept for Industry 4.0

Striving for a comprehensive network across the entire industry.

For the first time, the Hoffmann Group introduced its Industry 4.0 vision for the machining sector at the AMB 2016 in Stuttgart. The basis for this is the GARANT 360° Tooling Platform, which already provides an integrated service concept for tools and which the Hoffmann Group intends to develop further. In addition, the Hoffmann Group is endeavouring to establish a network of tools, machines and materials across the industry.


The Hoffmann Group wants to network across the industry and be an important data hub in Industry 4.0.

With the GARANT 360° Tooling Platform, the Hoffmann Group is already making machining processes more productive and safer. The service spans the entire product life cycle, and will be fully digitalised and networked in order to specifically match suppliers and customers – from tool planning and tool supply through to tool use and regrinding using the original manufacturer’s geometry.

The majority of German manufacturers understand Industry 4.0. to mean the digital networking of their own products and solutions. From the Hoffmann Group’s point of view, that is not going far enough. In order to be able to exploit all data, it must be possible to operate across companies and the silo mentality must become a thing of the past.
The Hoffmann Group has set itself the task of uniting the necessary data strings in an interdisciplinary manner, and establishing a network of strategic alliances in order to allow customers to become more productive.

With the GARANT eTool, the Hoffmann Group is leading the way in the field of tool data management and provision. It therefore also considers itself predestined to be an important data hub for tool information in future.

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