Consistent expansion of Witte Sandwich Plate programme

“Reference Systems” or measuring and holding fixtures are as relevant as the measuring equipment itself for accuracy and reliability of results, whether using tactile or optical measuring processes.

One metrological requirement is the exact positioning of components to be measured. Accurate, variable measuring and holding fixtures enable such positioning and provide a significant improvement in process efficiency for both manual and automated serial measuring. In addition, measuring and holding fixtures also allow positioning of components with instable geometries in their exact mounting positions or as parts of an assembly.


Driverless sandwich plate transport system including rail system, drive computers and safety technology.

FixBase sandwich plates and FixBase Cubes together with column or frame type fixtures completely fulfill these requirements for large components or structures. They are based on Witte’s modular philosophy and are derived from the globally established Witte modular system ALUFIX for frame type fixture building.


Vertical sandwich plate with slide unit and exchangeable adapters for different car lenghts.

Stationary horizontal sandwich plates with many years of proven consistent quality and robustness are often used as a substitute for measuring machine surfaces of cast materials or granite. Consistently following the system concept “modularity”, Witte is constantly expanding its FixBase programme. With recently developed complex, integrated, console-controlled multi-systems Witte now covers virtually all applications.

FixBase can be a stationary vertical or horizontal solution as a sandwich plate. Additions of hovercraft or roller systems, depending on the floor surface represent manually operated mobile solutions. FixBase sandwich plates with rails or friction wheel drive and control transponders offer a fully automated feed solution.

The type and design of measuring system customers are using is of minor importance because FixBase is used in combination with measuring arms, tactile CMMs, scanning or laser photogrammetry systems even on indexing or rotary tables.


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