The CHIRON Group introduced its newest innovations at AMB 2016

One of the most anticipated international machining exhibitions, AMB, was hosted again this year from the 13th to the 17th of September. The event took place in Stuttgart, where more than 1.300 exhibitors showcased their current machining centers, workpieces, innovative software solutions and new technologies. One of the exhibitors was the CNC machine tool manufacturer, CHIRON Group.

The Tuttlingen based German company with almost a 100 years of experience was always characterized by innovation. Initially they manufactured medical equipments and surgical devices, then later, in the 1950s switched over to compressors. Today, they are known for their ultra-fast CNC machine tools, making them a world leading manufacturer in the industry. Their machines are fast, precise, effective and are made for the highest standards. Their services are available worldwide.

The CHIRON Group – specializing in CNC-controlled vertical machining centers – consists of three brands – CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER and has production and development facilities on four continents. These brands stand for productivity, turnkey competence, innovation and high-end technology. CHIRON represents speed and precision, STAMA has a focus on robust milling and heavy duty cutting, while SCHERER stands for multifunctional and flexible vertical machining.

The company’s CHIRON brand brought 8 machining centers (amongst them a SCHERER-CHIRON integrated system) and their innovative software line (CHIRON SMARTLine) this year but visitors were also able to see the FLEXCELL UNO automation unit in action.

The showcased machines


Their smallest machine at the show was the FZ08 MT PRECISION+ from the “08” series. The FZ08 MT is the best in the compact range – thanks to the new CHIRON swivel head and torque drive, it allows for the fastest and most precise 6-sided complete machining. The “15” and “18” series – known for their reliability – were also represented, in the form of the CHIRON FZ15 W and the DZ18 W machines. But the main focus was the “12” series that stands for speed and application versatility. CHIRON showacased three different variants of the F12 – FX, W and MT. The MT version, capable of both 5-axis milling and slanted bed turning was equipped with a Siemens controller, and the FX model had the company’s FLEXCELL UNO automation unit (a compact cell consisting of a handling robot and a workpiece storage unit) installed to it. The last machine from the brand was the powerful, robust MILL 2000 CNC milling machine with High Speed Package.

CHIRON FZ08, FZ12 FX (with FLEXCELL UNO unit), DZ18W and MILL 2000 machining tools

CHIRON FZ08, FZ12 FX (with FLEXCELL UNO unit), DZ18W and MILL 2000 machining tools


CHIRON Group’s SCHERER brand was represented with only one machine but all the more innovation. The VDZ 100 DS namely compared to its specifications is a fairly compact vertical lathe. It is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance machine offering high-performance, precise machining in the smallest possible places thanks to it’s very good vibration damping and excellent static dynamic stiffness. The VDZ 100 DS was integrated with the CHIRON FZ12 FX machining center equipped with FLEXCELL UNO at the exhibition.

SCHERER VDZ 100 DS + CHIRON FZ12 FX (with FLEXCELL UNO unit) integrated system

SCHERER VDZ 100 DS + CHIRON FZ12 FX (with FLEXCELL UNO unit) integrated system

The showcased software

Next to the company’s machine tools, unique software soultions were also displayed in relation to AMB 2016’s main topic – Industry 4.0. The CHIRON SMARTLine production platforms with intelligent machine control, digital networking and mutual machine communication are offering innovative solutions for digitally enhanced machining processes.

SMARTLine’s first product, PROCESSLine is essential for turnkey processes. It offers an excellent solution from model preparation to production with the integration of geometry, kinematics and dynamics of real CNC machining centers as well as functionalities of CNC archives in a continuous virtual process chain.

As the newer element of the product line, DATALine enables smooth, bi-directional communication between machines and terminals. By visualizing job, process and machine data, it opens up completely new possibilities in production. With DATALine’s help, manufacturing becomes more transparent, faster, safer and a lot more efficient.

The CHIRON SMARTLine solutions are available for all three brands of CHIRON Group.


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