TetraMini-Cut: Added Durability for Demanding Small-Part Grooving

Tungaloy Corporation introduces an addition of the honed-edge inserts to the AH725 TetraMini-Cut insert series, which adds extra durability on the cutting edge for high-precision and high-quality grooving.

TetraMini-Cut’s ground insert, with 4 corners, is not only economical but also perfect for high-precision and high-quality machining of small parts. The uniquely designed insert pocket protects unused corners from chip damage during machining, thus assuring the usage of every corner of each insert. A unique clamping system provides high rigidity and excellent index repeatability. It is also capable of undercutting the shaft along a flange wall. The insert screw that can be tightened either from the front or the back of the toolholder which simplifies the operation when mounted in a Swiss lathe.


The cutting edge on this AH725 PVD grade insert is honed to increase toughness against chipping. To complement the sharp-edged SH725 insert, which is already on the market, the honed-edge AH725 insert is an ideal insert to improve stability in high-load machining, such as roughing, high-feed cutting, and interrupted cutting.

Main features:

  • The honed cutting edge on AH725 inserts is tougher and more stable in machining under a heavy cutting load.
  • Economical 4-cornered insert
  • Innovative clamping system for high rigidity and tool durability
  • Uniquely designed insert pocket that protects unused corners from chip damage during use
  • Capable of undercutting and finishing a flange wall at the same time in grooving on the shaft along the flange wall
  • Both grooving and threading inserts are available.


More Information

Visit the official Tungaloy website.