Adaptive MAC 2.0 technology for panel benders

The new adaptive MAC 2.0 technology by Salvagnini enables the Panel Bender to detect any material variations in masked time, and, if values are outside the tolerance range, to automatically compensate thanks to the adjustment of the blade movements.


Consequently, thanks to the new MAC 2.0 technology bending results on a panel bender will depend less and less on material quality. This means consistent part quality over time, zero scrap, optimized production time, all leading to maximum productivity.


  • Oscillating blade (less stress on material surface, higher repeatability)


  • Proprietary Bending Formula (precise and optimized bending movements)
  • FEM analysis of deflections (automatic compensation according to parts behavior)
  • Intelligent solutions (precise measurement of sheet thickness, thermal compensation, lean design)


  • Exclusive MAC 2.0 technology (in-cycle measure and compensation of material variations)


More Information

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