A glimpse into the future of machine tool construction

The leader of innovation in machine tool construction offers ideal ways of achieving digital transformation with its DMG MORI Software Solutions.

Traditionally DMG MORI showcases a cross-section of the most innovative technologies when the AMB opens its doors to trade visitors from all over the world. With around 30 exhibits from the fields of turning, milling and advanced technologies on an exhibition area of over 2,000 m² the machine tool producer will be giving visitors a glimpse into the future of production from 13th to 17th September 2016. The innovations on show during the trade fair will include the Robo2Go automation solution – this can be used on several machines without any knowledge of robots.

DMG MORI Software Solutions – Products and solutions for digital transformation


A 30 percent time saving in tooling times and 50 percent less time and effort for the calculation of technology values or the search for important information are just a few of the effects that can be achieved with CELOS®.

A key building block in DMG MORI’s customer-oriented digitalisation strategy is the app-based CELOS® system, that the machine tool manufacturer first presented around three years ago and which it has consistently continued to develop in a targeted manner ever since. Using this uniform user interface for machine and office PC, employees in shop floor and job scheduling can manage, document and visualise all job order, process and machine data. Thanks to its open architecture, CELOS® allows the exchange of information with higher–level structures in addition to the impact it has in the shop floor area. So CELOS® offers customers complete integration of their machines in the company organisation while simultaneously creating today the interface of metal cutting production in the cyber-physical production system of the future. The benefits in day-to-day operation are convincing: a 30 percent time saving in tooling times and 50 percent less time and effort for the calculation of technology values or the search for important information are just a few of the effects that can be achieved with CELOS®. Customers also profit from the continuous further development of the CELOS® system, because with every new release DMG MORI implements 50 enhancements. In addition, DMG MORI will be presenting ten new CELOS® APPs at the AMB. These will include the new CELOS® DEVELOPER APP, with which partners will be able to develop their own APP for the very first time.

Workshop-oriented programming is still of great importance, especially in single item production and the production of small and medium-sized quantities – and it will remain just as important for a long time to come. Working with cycles is state of the art in this respect and the reason why standard cycles in turning, milling and drilling have long been part of the scope of performance of modern controls. Based on its decades of application experience DMG MORI has gone far beyond the standard and currently has 24 exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles for the fields of turning / turning-milling or rather milling / milling-turning in its portfolio. These enable operators in the workshop to programme even complex machining tasks themselves directly on the machine via a dialog using parameterised context menus up to 60% faster. Outstanding examples here include the machining of free-form surfaces using 5-axis interpolation or various cycles for gear cutting or gearwheel production. Other cycle highlights include the MPC (Machine Protection Control) for the protection of machines, workpiece and tool, the 3D quickSET® toolkit  for checking and correcting the kinematic accuracy of 4 and 5-axis machines or the Application Tuning Cycle for the process-oriented tuning of feed drives in relation to the table load at the push of a button.


The large variety of DMG MORI technology cycles contributes to process reliability in workshop-oriented programming, improves component qualities and enables integration of technology.


DMU 90 P duoBLOCK®– heavy-duty machining with an attractive package price

5-axis machining of the highest level is also the trademark of the fourth generation of the successful duoBLOCK® series. Outstanding features here include the highly stable design of the universal machines, long-term accuracy and highest precision with up to 4 μm positioning accuracy even in the standard version. With its DMU 90 P duoBLOCK® DMG MORI now presents a machining centre that will continue the triumphal march of the series. This latest model is designed as a package machine with a 430-Nm and 52-kW motor spindle, space for 60 SK50 tools plus an IKZ coolant unit and guarantees an economical entry into heavy-duty machining.


The DMU 90 P duoBLOCK® allows an economical entry into heavy-duty machining.

Applications in tool and mould making as well as in general mechanical engineering call for investment in reliable, high-performance production equipment. DMG MORI has included the attractively priced DMU 90 P duoBLOCK® in its range with universal machining in mind. With an X-axis travel path of 900 mm and a workpiece weight of 1,800 kg, it outperforms the smaller DMU 80 P duoBLOCK®. Where its technical equipment is concerned, DMG MORI has concentrated on heavy-duty machining and offers the DMU 90 P duoBLOCK® as an appropriately equipped package machine.


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