The entire production process with AMADA machines and latest processing technologies

Productivity is the key to the competitiveness for every company. Production technologies are the source for innovation, differentiation, ensuring the final clients’ loyalty and facilitating the capacity to acquire new clients for the customers. AMADA not only creates machines but also answers specific needs by delivering “tailor-made” solutions. At EuroBLECH 2016 and worldwide, they strive to help customers face their economic challenges.

Their main concept at EuroBLECH 2016 will be “Creating the customers value using AMADA’s latest machines and processing technologies.” They will introduce fiber laser-cutting and -welding machines, a combination machine, press brakes, and the new VPSS 3i software, the sheet-metal engineering system, which can simulate all the processing operations at once. In addition, they will show some sample workpieces with accumulated know-how of processing technology.

AMADA will be showcasing more innovations than ever before at the industry’s flagship trade fair EuroBLECH. Also on display will be an overview of AMADA’s IoT, “V-factory” which is being shown as a ‘Smart Factory’ concept. 8 latest technology AMADA machines and AMADA MIYACHI products will be on show in live operation over an area of some 2,000 square meters. All the machines on view will, of course, be production-ready. And every one of them represents a further development to an existing solution or a completely new innovation.

Amada ACIES AJ punching & fibre laser cutting combination machine: Long-term eco-friendly continuous operation system

As an addition to the ACIES combination series (originally with a CO2 laser source), the ACIES-AJ, with a servo- electric drive and fibre laser technology, is characterized by cut quality, speed and energy efficiency. This machine is equipped with several functions to realize long-term, continuous operation.


AMADA LCG-AJ series fibre laser cutting machine: Expanding the fibre laser machine line-up

Amada exhibits the new line-up of LCG-3015 AJ flatbed laser cutting machines equipped with an Amada developed fibre laser oscillator with 6 and 9kW of power. These machines add the value of low running cost and high-speed cutting in the middle thickness range. The LCG-3015 AJ sets a new benchmark for performance and price at this level of investment, ensuring optimum productivity and value.


AMADA ENSIS AJ 3kW fibre laser cutting machine: Fibre laser cutting with expanded capabilities

To improve and enhance the groundbreaking ENSIS technology, Amada will show a 3kW version at EuroBLECH 2016. This machine will build on the success of the 2kW version with improved cutting speeds and quality. To boost the existing high specification level of the ENSIS, the new machine will also be fitted with an 8 station nozzle changer and the new “WACS II” cooling cut for thick mild steel processing.


AMADA FLW – ENSIS solution fibre laser welding machine Expansion of the welding area with AMADA ENSIS technology

The FLW takes laser welding to a higher level of quality with a reduction of the total lead time. In addition our new solution is equipped with an ENSIS oscillator, which is being applied in the welding field for the first time, along with the filler wire function, which is used to ensure high quality, long welding applications. All these features increase the possibilities for the users’ production.

Amada_EuroBLECH2016_post7AMADA MIYACHI welding solutions:

During EuroBLECH 2016, experts will be present on the stand to discuss the benefits of fibre laser welding, laser ablation and resistance welding for applications in the Automotive, Electronics & Solar cells, IT & Multimedia, Medical, Aerospace and Defense industries.In addition, the MIYACHI EAPRO Jupiter fibre laser welding system, the MIYACHI EAPRO Laser Ablation System and the MIYACHI PECO AWS3 Active welding system 3, an integrated resistance welding solution, will be on display on the stand.

AMADA bending solutions: Bending operations, optimized in all their dimensions

Amada has continued to develop optimized bending solutions to provide the best productivity in this important area of sheet metal manufacturing. With a safety focused outlook and in relation to EU machine safety legislation, the FAST back gauge device ensures both the operator safety and the maximum speed of operation. Robotics and automation systems provide safe and efficient handling of parts and tooling. Intelligence, Interaction and Integration will be evident as part of Amada’s Smart Factory digital management network, allowing the bending machines to be part of a complete and productive sheet metal working place, together with operators. Last but not least, precision will be provided by both the machines’ technology and all the surrounding measurement systems.


AMADA Digital solution: Complete & flexible approach to smart manufacturing

Amada_EuroBLECH2016_post8The theme for EuroBLECH 2016 is “the new generation of sheet metal working” and highlights how the metalworking industry has to adapt its production processes to the market trends. Batch sizes decrease steadily, the demand for assembly work increases, extreme flexibility and speed are requested in the processing of materials and thicknesses which are constantly changing. All this must be done at the most competitive price possible along with maximum quality and profitability. With 70 years of experience, Amada will showcase a complete & flexible approach to smart manufacturing, in order to make new opportunities out of these challenges.

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