Renegade: The World’s First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bottles

Materialise sculptures or even newly captured Pokemon, from plastic waste. Draw in the air with no limits – free of charge & pollution.

Renegade is not the smallest, thinnest, lightest or cheapest 3D pen in the world. It doesn’t weld wires, burn wood, or cut through foam. And, it’s not in the Cloud.

Renegade specialises in one thing, and one thing only – it prints 3D models by recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags. It’s reliable, and it does it like a pro.

Renegade is here to provide you with a great 3D printing experience with no compromises. So stop spending on overpriced proprietary filaments, start saving money, and start saving the environment.


Renegade uses a robust and powerful extruder that includes a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system. These combine to transport, destruct, and melt the plastic tape produced by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder or even standard filaments. The rotating screw forces the heated plastic to move forward evenly and extrudes it from the nozzle. The molten plastic then cools down rapidly into a solid and stable spatial structure.


There are practically no material limitations, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Become the ultimate creator; simply plug in your Renegade and start creating in minutes.

Renegade uses a powerful drive motor and gearbox, eliminating well-known issues in plastic material feeding that most 3D pens currently face. The temperature is adjustable from 50°C to 320°C using a single controller and the speed is also controlled by a single button.


Renegade can use 5 to 7 mm strips cut from PET plastic bottles, plastic bags, or plastic files with a thickness of 0.14 to 0.35mm. It can also use standard PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, wood and other types of filament with a diameter of 1,75 mm.

The Renegade PRO edition features a built-in LCD screen for display of the precise temperature regimes, materials used, and printing speed.

It also contains an integrated Control Port, which will provide you with remote control capabilities for the pen, including the plastic extruding process.

You will be able to connect the Renegade PRO Pen to act as a head for your 3D printer, CNC machine, or other devices, to effectively make use of the Renegade’s capabilities for your innovative projects.


More information:

Visit the Renegade Kickstarter page.