Lasertube LT5: compact laser tube cutting with fiber

Lasertube LT5 system combines the main performance virtues of the Lasertube family of machines in a simple and essential design that provides a favourable quality / price ratio.

BLM Lasertube LT5

BLM Lasertube LT5

In the proven Lasertube range, the LT5 is the entry level price point;: simple, basic, compact and designed to provide high performance on small tubes, up to 120 mm maximum diameter.

It is by design that the LT5 can be used to produce complex end cuts and features in tubes or as a “laser sawing machine” to produce just straight cuts in a cost effective manner. Field tests have proven the laser to be a better choice than the traditional saw blade in the cutting of the bigger diameters of high-strength or stainless steel tubes up to 2 mm wall thickness. With the use of the “spoon”, this keeps the inner surface of the tube perfectly clean of cutting debris, LT5 replaces cutting, measuring, brushing and washing with a single step process. The cutting speed of the system combined with the relatively low price will provide you with a cost / part ratio comparable with and in some cases more advantageous than the traditional blade cutting process.


The laser sawing approach can provide other dividends as well. Reduced electrical power consumption obtained through the use of a low power fiber laser. A reduction in material waste due to a narrow cut width (Kerf), a few tenths of mm with the laser machines versus the typical 1.6 mm of the saw blade. Better part length accuracy and repeatability due to the more refined mechanics of the laser system. And finally a greater flexibility because the LT5 can do far more than just simple straight cuts

LT5 remains a member of the Lasertube family in all respects, and not just an alternative to the blade cutting machines. With its 1 kW fiber laser it is able to process a wide range of material types, diameters and thicknesses for any number of different applications providing surprising performance for the investment.

BLM GROUP continues to provide new solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges with our market leading portfolio of product including the range of Adige sawing machines and fifteen models of Lasertube.

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