Horizontal Machining Centers with Honing Take Production to New Heights

Honing is one of the more expensive machining processes to perform, but is crucial in the production of pumps, valves and gears. Because today’s OEMs demand smoother surfaces to make automobiles and other products quieter and more reliable, finding more efficient ways to complete this high-precision process is more important than ever.

At IMTS, Mazak will demonstrate the popular HCN-4000 horizontal machining center with enhanced Multi-Tasking capabilities including high-precision honing and orbital machining. Visitors will see the HCN-4000 machine a variety of real world components, including a pump housing part. It will not only mill, bore and hone the housing, but will use advanced orbital machining techniques as well.


Together with honing technology leader Sunnen Products Company, Mazak developed the special hone tooling needed for the horizontal machining center integration. To position and adjust the abrasive pads/stones, the machine uses wireless electronic feedback. Honing stops when the stone position is reached via feedback to the machine. The system then provides closed-loop feedback on hole ID size to the new Smooth PMC software for in-process adjustments.

This advanced machine with these new integrated capabilities answers many of the challenges of producing pump and valve-type components. By adding honing and orbital machining to a Multi-Tasking machine, you can more efficiently produce complex parts in single-setups which not only lead to gains in productivity, but also enhances the quality of the finished parts by eliminating the need to move parts from machine to machine.


We will also demonstrate how you can ramp up production even further with advanced automation by incorporating the HCN-4000 into the PALLETECH System, which is now controlled with the new Smooth PMC software. This can take production to new heights through DONE IN ONE® processing from raw material to finished part.

PALLETECH is a highly flexible system that configures into one, two or three levels for completely automated and continuous production cells. These cells accommodate different types of Mazak machine tools so that you can mix and match machine types – such as horizontal machining centers with vertical machining centers – to meet your specific processing needs.

Mazak_IMTS2016_post1PALLETECH combined with the new SMOOTH PMC cell control software efficiently manages and maximizes the system’s operations. The software allows the user to look ahead with production simulations to forecast needed tools, machine loads and output levels for up to a week’s worth of scheduled cell workflow. SMOOTH PMC also allows for advanced PALLETECH cell connectivity, analytics and performance data outputs in graphical formats via a smart phone.

The highly capable MAZATROL SmoothG CNC with Smooth Orbiturn function makes both the honing process and the orbital machining possible on the HCN-4000. Enhanced with Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY, orbital machining techniques enable horizontal machining centers to turn round and eccentric features on large, odd-shaped parts such as valves and manifolds while the components remain stationary. Because the process uses standard tooling, it is a productive, cost-effective and easy-to-apply solution for performing milling and turning operations in single setups – further increasing the HCN-4000’s multi-process ability.