BC80: designed to be unstoppable

ADIGE-SYS S.P.A. produces a wide variety of machines that are used for the mechanical processing of parts derived from tubes or bars. The BC80 is a system specifically designed for the continuous production of bushings.

BC80 is a fully automatic system with high throughput, which has been developed for continuous production of bushings, starting from either tubes or solid bars. The bushings with a diameter up to 80 mm and lengths from 10 to 350 mm are cut, faced and measured at a rate of up to 2,200 pieces per hour.



The fully automatic system is designed to insure high quality part finish even on delicate bars. All machine settings for diameter changes are handled from a central location.

The control panel has a touch screen and an easy to use graphical interface which simplifies the control parameters settings and the monitoring of the production status

The entire system is designed to work 24/7, without stopping.

  • The tube or bar loading system (with lengths up to 12.5 m) can be reloaded while the machine is working thus never stopping or slowing production
  • End drops and chips are collected in independent conveyors that can be easily emptied without stopping the machine
  • Finished parts are discharged via a chute containing a two position mechanical separator which can be used to segregate parts that the measuring system rejects.


All finished parts are measured and certified. The dynamic washing system flushes chips from the part allowing accurate and reliable measurements. The operator has the ability to specify what to do if the parts exceed tolerance; for example he may stop the machine when the first error occurs or after a certain number of consecutive mistakes.

Source BLM Group

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