3-RUNNER: three jobs, one machine

The new BLM GROUP 3-RUNNER combines three different jobs – straightening, cutting and end-forming – in a single, all-electric system that runs form coil stock. . Extremely efficient on its own, the 3-RUNNER is also very flexible and can be perfectly integrated in larger production processes allowing further automation and simplifying logistics by eliminating intermediate steps and part rework. Production is 100% certified.



The 3-RUNNER is a complete processing system for straightening, cutting and end-forming from a coil. The cycle is fully automated and produces parts ready for assembly and or for other processes.

BLM_0103a_cikkThe 3-RUNNER can be configured and used with an array of modules to carry out single jobs or as a complete production process. The modular, customisable system can be built to match your needs and grow from the simplest configuration, for strengthening and cutting only, to the most complete, which also includes end-forming and sorted unloading.

The integrated end-forming management saves cycle time, speeds up loading and unloading operations and consequently, increases job quality and repeatability.

It is particularly suited for processing tubes for automotive and HVAC applications.

Source BLM Group

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