The All-New Lasertube LT8: 3D fiber laser cutting is no longer an issue

LT8 is the first machine in its size range to provide 3D cutting capability using a fiber laser. With the new “Tube Cutter” focusing head and other developments, the Lasertube family adds new performance and capabilities of its top-of-the-range products and takes an important new step utilizing fiber technology.

LT8 is the new top-of-the-range Lasertube system which expands and enhances the performance boundaries of the LT8 system, from which it is derived both conceptually and technically.

The possibility of 3D cutting utilizing a fiber laser source followed a path that included the development of a new “Tube Cutter” focusing head, designed at Adige especially for the 3D cutting of tube. The new LT8 goes beyond this goal by offering other important news regarding the size of the workable tubes, the achievable performance and the usability of the system.

BLM Lasertube LT8

BLM Lasertube LT8

3D cutting with fiber laser

LT8 makes use of the new ‘Tube Cutter’ focusing head, specifically designed at Adige for the 3D laser cutting of tubes and profiles with fiber laser sources, to achieve excellent performance throughout the wide size range that this system allows you to work. The range was expanded in both in tube size and weight. LT8 is able to cut, with excellent dynamic performance, tubes with diameters from 10 and 240 mm with a weight up to 40kg/m.

This important expansion in capabilities meets the needs of the 3D machining that is particularly required in larger and thicker tubes that require bevels or weld preps.

Of course the ‘Tube Cutter’ head, thanks its tapered geometry and its easy handling has increased the capabilities for processing open profiles or asymmetrical sections with both quality and precision.


Graphical interface

LT8 also benefits of the software modifications both in the user interface and in the programming CAD/CAM software.

In the first change is the new user interface, now used on all laser systems, which is easier, more intuitive and efficient. The new interface guides the operator in the different operating phases of the work cycle with appropriate suggestions on the programming parameters.

In terms of CAD / CAM programming the latest innovations introduced into the Artube3 package allow for a better and easier handling of tubes and profiles with “open” sections and the cutting of common of tubes.

Active Tools

The LT8, features all the capabilities available across the Lasertube range.

‘ActiveScan’ is a measuring system that measures the deviations of the actual section of the tube with respect to the theoretical tube shape / size and to automatically to adjusts to achieve the highest part accuracy in the shortest time. With ‘ActiveScan’ you can measure the position of the tube, and center the geometry to the actual tube location.

‘ActiveSpeed’ is a function that dynamically modulates the cutting parameters according to the real working conditions to insure the best results in every situation. Where previously an expert was needed to make complicated parts, now ‘ActiveSpeed’, available on all the ADIGE systems, makes everything very simple and affordable for everyone.


Handling systems, flexibility

LT8 keeps all the winning loading and unloading features and flexibility features of the previous generation of machine.

The loading area for tubes still has two distinct stations – front and rear – to which you can connect modular loading solutions for different production requirements.

The part unloading is managed is optimized to take into account the huge variability of size and geometry of the tubes to be machined. The centering system, which is used provide accuracy on the long pieces, quickly clears the working area for downloading short pieces and enables maximum productivity to the system.

LT8, with its fully automatic adjustments and a very high load/unload speed, is proposed as the optimal solution with maximum flexibility.

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