RADAN Radmanager

Effective Technology For Transforming Customer Orders Into Nests

Radmanager is a simple way of entering your customer order data and turning it into nest projects within Radan. This enables parts from different customer orders to be combined into one nest project in order to maximize efficiency and material usage.


Benefits include:

  • Easy creation of nests for multiple orders, maximizing efficiency and sheet utilization
  • Management of customer orders through the nest production process
  • Eliminate sheet remnants without losing track of quantities to nest
  • Direct links with Radan CADCAM
  • Communication with existing ERP systems increases speed and accuracy
  • Defaults minimize user input during nest project creation


Information about the parts you make is stored so repeat orders can be easily entered. Part data can be gathered from existing symbol files, or manually entered before the symbol is drawn. Additional detail such as a picture, related CAD file and manufacturing data can be attached to the part, so there is no need to repeatedly enter data each time the part is made.

Customers and Orders

Your customers’ details can be entered as well as the orders they place with you. Each order can contain multiple parts, and the status of the order can be seen at a glance, before opening the order to drill down to more detailed information about the order progress.

If your organization has an ERP system, data can be received from it via CSV file for speed and to avoid duplicate data entry tasks, which always introduces the possibility of keying errors.

Nest Creation

Radan nest projects can be created to meet any criteria you desire. You may want to nest everything with a certain order due date, or find all parts made from a common material and thickness and have those nested. The user interface makes it easy to find the group of parts that meet your criteria and have them entered into a nest project ready for cutting.

Once the nest project exists it can be processed in Radan as normal. Any changes to the quantities of parts nested can be sent back to Radmanager to allow any parts that were not nested to be added to another project. This can help you create nest projects without generating remnants which need subsequent management.

Parts that are scrapped during production can be manually recorded against the customer order, allowing replacement parts to be nested as soon as possible.

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