New Seco parting-off system takes more direct approach to coolant delivery

Designed with increased productivity, tool life and part quality in mind, the new Seco 150.10-JETI system streamlines the heat removal process in high-speed parting-off applications.

The parting-off system comprises High Speed Steel blades, Jetstream Tooling® technology and tool blocks with coolant inlets. Together, these elements give high-pressure coolant a straight path to the cutting edge and provide an optimised means for effectively penetrating the friction zone between the cutting edge and workpiece. Thereby, manufacturers benefit from fast heat removal, proper chip evacuation and superior part surface finishes.

Plus, the 150.10-JETI system is able to move freely in tight workspaces and operate closer to the spindle thanks to its compact assembly free of external piping and connections. The elimination of these external components also saves users on spare part costs and reduces their tooling inventory.

Available in 15 mm 20 mm and 25 mm sizes, High Speed Steel blades ensure high insert stability. The blades accommodate insert widths from 2 mm to 6 mm and are compatible with a variety of tool blocks on the market. The square-shank blocks available through Seco come in metric and imperial sizes, with heights and widths that range from 10×10 to 32×32.

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