New lean Bihler tools

Bihler presented the new Leantool for the servo-controlled stamping and forming machines RM-NC and GRM-NC at the WIRE 2016. Key advantages are reaction times and production costs cut in half plus extremely fast setup times.

It all looks very easy, as the machine setter installs the new Leantool on the RM-NC exhibition machine. And ultimately, it is. Because the new tool has been “slimmed down” in many respects. The number of tool components is greatly reduced, 50% of parts are standard parts, and individual tool parts are reduced to a minimum. “There is, for instance, no more tool plate,” says Marc Walter from Bihler Technical Sales. “All tool parts such as stamps and cores are pre-equipped directly on the standard tool modules. The setter then simply installs these on the NC units with quick-change systems, positions them with the VC 1 control system including bending punches and corrects, if necessary, the bending results directly by automatic repositioning of the units.” No sooner said than done. And right away, stamped and formed parts made from stainless steel wire exit the servo machine at breakneck speed.


Simple planning and design

The advantages of the new Leantool Concept present themselves much earlier. Marc Walter explains: “Right from the first request of the customer, the feasibility statement provides very fast results. The bending workspace for the stamped and formed part made of wire or strip is clearly defined, the bending sequences are easy to plan and the calculation becomes very plausible. Then the designer follows a simple design methodology with a common theme throughout the whole concept.” And all Lean Standard Parts are specified in the reuse library of the bNX software.

Design with Bihler bNX technology software

The parametrically designed Leantool Model is easily adapted to the part to be formed. This means individual solutions are avoided right from the start and costs are reduced. In addition, stock keeping and tool manufacturing can be adapted to this standard. If individual special tool solutions are required, the lean concept does not exclude this option.

Fast, efficient manufacturing

You can start manufacturing the tool components without delay. Followed by installation, setup and production on the servo-controlled stamping and forming machines RM-NC and GRM-NC with up to 300 parts per minute. “Thanks to the rapid implementation time from initial inquiry all the way to production, savings of more than 50% compared to bending tools on mechanical equipment can be achieved,” summarizes Marc Walter. “New products – even in very small batch sizes – can be brought to market quicker and cheaper before the competition.” Bihler also offers a two-day design seminar for the new Leantool Concept. In this seminar, the participants will learn how to achieve a clear and structured approach for the design of their bending tools with the correct selection of standardized tools.

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