Voumard VM150 internal grinding machine

The famous Voumard brand has been owned by Kellenberger since 2014. Voumard high-performance grinders are designed for flexible inner diameter and outer diameter machining of complex workpieces. Highly precise chucks and centerless work holding solutions allow the machining of workpieces of almost any geometry and the performance of multiple internal and external grinding operations in a single clamping.

The technology and machine design of the VM 150 have been revamped and aligned with Kellenberger’s high quality standards. The high-precision Voumard VM 110 ID/OD grinding machine is manufactured at Kellenberger’s facilities in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used in grinding operations in individual component or volume production with medium to large sized workpieces (inner diameters up to 200 mm + Ø grinding wheel and outer diameters up to 260 mm – Ø grinding wheel). The machine is ideally suitable for complex workpieces such as hydraulic components, ball bearings, spindles and gear parts. The outstanding precision of Voumard grinding machines is appreciated in diverse industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, bearing manufacturing, toolmaking and spindle manufacturing.

Voumard VM150

The excellent grinding performance of the machines relies on the outstandingly high rigidity and thermal stability of the machine base, which is constructed completely from mineral cast. Extremely small manufacturing tolerances combined with maximum repetition accuracy ensure less scrap. Highly precise X and Z axes with large traverses ensure maximum flexibility (available traverse in X=230 mm, in Z=500 mm).

The internal grinding spindles developed by Voumard for its own VM machines are unique in terms of their compactness and enable reduced machine dimensions. The spindles are precisely fine-tuned to the required speed range of the machine. For maximum flexibility, the spindle revolver can accommodate up to 4 grinding spindles. Alternatively, for higher productivity, two spindles can be arranged in parallel on the common spindle carrier. This enables multiple internal and external grinding operations to be performed with different tools in one clamp – and with maximum precision.

While short workpieces can be ground directly when clamped in the chuck, a variety of manual and automatic steady rests are available for grinding operations with long shafts.

With C-axis workhead spindle and relevant software, the VM 150 CNC is able to grind  threads in the same clamp. The machine has a manually or numerically controlled B-axis for angular swivel of the workhead for taper grinding and easier access when loading and unloading workpieces.

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