ONA presents the brand new ONA AV premium wire EDM range

The new ONA AV range, winner of the latest Spanish Award for Design and Innovation, is part of ONA"s strategic plan to improve the competitiveness of the current product through lean manufacturing, eco-design, processing of materials and new user interface systems in the CNC.

This new series incorporates a number of advances that make it unique in the market.

A new CAM CNC that exceeds the requirements of the most advanced programmer and simultaneously provides an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. The CNC allows up to 8 axes to be controlled simultaneously, has built-in CAD/CAM and a 23-inch touch screen.

ONA AV premium wire EDM

A new generator that makes it possible to achieve finishes in the order of 0.1 microns Ra. New automatic threader design for manipulating fine wire of up to 70 microns Improved levels of accuracy and safety. The machine features new control systems for corners and profiles, linear scales with a resolution of 0.1 micron and an exclusive protection system with the ability to detect impact forces of only 0.8 kg (8 N).

A new advanced energy management system that reduces consumption by up to 30% during the cutting process and decreased wire consumption thanks to new ECOCUTTING technologies.

Extremely compact design. The new machine layout allows a 20% reduction in floor space compared to other models of equivalent size.

Concepts such as lean manufacturing, cost optimisation through ECO-design, processing of materials and new user interface systems in the CNC are currently being implemented at the same time as being the subject of research, and directly reflect European FP7 projects in some cases. This is the case with the ProSEco project, which is currently under development and features the participation of ONA. It places special emphasis on the eco-design of machines where sustainability, energy consumption and environmental impact are key issues that are expected to influence the decisions to purchase, at least in the segment of medium/high range machines, in the short and medium term.

Source ONA Electroerosion

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