Intelligent 2-finger parallel gripper for the smart factory

Gripping systems for highly variable applications in the smart factory must be freely positionable and sensitive; they must also allow direct communication with the higher-level system controller. The SCHUNK WSG 25 small component 2-finger parallel gripper, with a length of just 100 mm, was specially designed for use on small robots and in compact gantry systems. Both the finger position and the gripping force for each stroke can be individually adapted and continuously monitored. This also makes it possible to handle fragile small parts without endangering process stability. A specially developed belt mechanism enables high gripping speeds of up to 400 mm/s and therefore short cycle times. The high-quality jaw guides ensure high precision throughout the entire life cycle.

SCHUNK WSG 25 small component gripper

Convenient control via Ethernet TCP/IP

Like all 2-finger parallel grippers of the SCHUNK WSG series, the WSG 25 is designed with an intuitive configuration interface for user-friendly operation via Ethernet TCP/IP and any standard web browser, without the installation of additional software. For this purpose it is equipped with an industrial M8 connector. The gripper features an integrated web server as a standard feature. It can also be used for remote diagnosis and for sending status e-mails. Since many common functions are included as intelligent gripping commands, the gripper can be integrated in higher-level systems with minimal programming and the load on the system controller during normal operation is also reduced. If required, the range of functions can be individually adapted to the particular application by means of the built-in, easy-to-learn scripting language. This makes it relatively easy to find reliable solutions even to difficult tasks. A standard integrated energy management system ensures highly energy-efficient operation of the gripper. The stroke per finger is 32 mm and the maximum payload is 300 g. The gripping force can be defined individually for each cycle between 5 N and 20 N.

Complete series of 2-finger parallel grippers

The intelligent SCHUNK WSG mechatronic gripper is available in a total of four versions: the WSG 50 can be controlled either via ProfiNet, Ethernet, TCP/IP, Profibus, CAN bus or via eight virtual digital I/Os. A Profibus monitor is integrated to facilitate operation. In addition to the basic version WSG 050-110 with a stroke of 55 mm per finger, there is the long-stroke version WSG 050-210 with a stroke of 110 mm per finger. Both versions can achieve gripping forces between 5 N and 80 N. The WSG 32 on the other hand is much more compact and was designed especially for the handling of small and medium-sized parts. Its completely covered guides provide for easy cleaning. It is also network-capable via an Ethernet port. Optionally, it can be equipped with either a ProfiNet or CAN bus interface. Its stroke per finger is 34 mm and the gripping force is between 5 N and 50 N. The new WSG 25 rounds out the series at the bottom end. It is the smallest intelligent gripper on the market that can be controlled via Ethernet TCP/IP.

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