STUDER SCHAUDT MIKROSA Press Conference 2016

The Motion Meeting 2016 unites the brands STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA in friendly competition under the symbol of the three rings and the motto THE FLAME OF PASSION. In contrast to the Olympic ideal, for the three cylindrical grinding companies it is not about taking part, but only about winning. Because there is no second place in the awarding of contracts. Success only comes to those who do more than the others and who do so with passion, conviction, commitment and the will to win. The motto this year stands for all of these characteristics: THE FLAME OF PASSION.

Incoming orders

STUDER and SCHAUDT MIKROSA show very different business development in incoming orders. While STUDER lagged behind the very highly set budget figures relatively early on, SCHAUDT MIKROSA stayed on course and achieved the target, even significantly outperforming the rather weak previous year 2014.

STUDER did not manage to achieve the very ambitious target set for 2015. This was marked by a very strong year end in 2014. After floating of the euro exchange rate and the resulting franc crisis the targets came under pressure. A variety of measures were taken to mitigate the effects and prevent market share losses. After a weak start to the year and interim pick-up, EMO in Milan was highly successful and promising. However, the hoped-for year end rally never came, so that the previous year’s figures could not be achieved. Based on this starting position and the relevant economic forecasts for the industry, 2016 has been moderately planned.

The STUDER management and in part SCHAUDT MIKROSA (from left to right): Fred Gaegauf, Dr. Gereon Heinemann, Gerd König, Jens Bleher

The STUDER management and in part SCHAUDT MIKROSA (from left to right): Fred Gaegauf, Dr. Gereon Heinemann, Gerd König, Jens Bleher

SCHAUDT MIKROSA was able to significantly increase incoming orders after a slow year in 2014. Even in the spring the figures were already considerably above those of the previous year. Gratifyingly, this good performance continued throughout the entire year. The target for 2015 was thus very successfully achieved. Further growth is planned for 2016.

The distribution of STUDER’s incoming orders across the geographical regions shows Germany as the largest market, followed by Western Europe and China, with North America faltering due to the low oil price.

The regional overview for SCHAUDT MIKROSA, with approximately 30% of orders from Germany, shows a strong dependence on German automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. Over 30% of orders are delivered to China.

Machine sales trend

In terms of value, STUDER’s sales were lower than in the previous year. If we consider the number of delivered machines in 2014 and 2013, we can see that both years are practically equal. An increase in machine sales of almost 5% was achieved in 2015.

For SCHAUDT MIKROSA, the picture was perfectly balanced in 2015. The machine sales performance ended up on target and consequently 55% above the value of 2014. Asia and Germany were the main buyer markets.


A number of technology projects, which are being implemented by STUDER, are presented below.

  • Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is constantly advancing. STUDER recognized this necessity early on and is now able to reappraise any machine with the respective production process and to define appropriate saving measures. The most important factor in the BluePlus approach is that a complete assessment is made. Sustainability is a vital consideration. Customer trials have shown optimizations of up to 20% of the current energy consumption.
  • Cooling lubricants – new approaches to efficient systems: STUDER is also implementing studies on innovative new cooling lubricant methods in the area of liquid tools. Today, thanks to UGG’s in-house 3D print facility at IRPD, new processes can developed even more efficiently.
  • STUDER-WireDress®: STUDER-WireDress® has made a name for itself during the past year. Unimagined geometries can be produced incredibly efficiently and with very high cutting ability. Customers are enthusiastic and are already seeing new applications.
  • Coordinate grinding: Coordinate grinding is a technical challenge on cylindrical grinding machines. STUDER offers highly efficient solutions for machining eccentric bores.

Internal grinding

75% of STUDER universal external cylindrical grinding machines have always been equipped with at least one internal grinding spindle. STUDER has now also become an absolute specialist in pure internal grinding.

STUDER has completely revised its internal grinding portfolio in just two years.

  • May 2014: Launch of a new generation of internal cylindrical grinding machines. A version for long spindles is presented on the S141 (distance between centers 1300). A new market segment opens up for STUDER in internal grinding.
  • Autumn 2014: Further length versions of the S141 internal universal machine are released for sale. At the same time the S151, a large machine for workpieces up to a diameter of Ø550 mm, comes onto the market.
  • Spring 2015: The S131 – a small universal machine – supplements the range for workpieces up to a diameter of Ø250 mm. The S122 production machine with integrated workpiece handling system is presented.
  • Autumn 2015: The compact S121 – maximum 2 tools – closes the gap between entry level machines and universal machines.
  • Winter 2015/2016: At this Motion Meeting the successor of the CT960 will be presented, also enabling the integration of radius grinding into the modular system.

Investment in production

In 2015 the Surface Grinding Competence Center in Steffisburg was modernized and the machinery in the apprentice training workshop was supplemented. It is essential for STUDER to invest in optimal training conditions for young people and thus in the future.

And the future?

Quite simply: STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA will win the challenges ahead!

The Cylindrical Grinding Technology Group is well aware: With each order won they gain market shares and grow in importance, ensuring that they will remain in the front position.

STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA will continue to invest in new products for the market. This will be done in manageable steps – using their skills and expertise to further increase efficiency. The focus will be directly on sales procedures, production flows and Customer Care, with the usual precision and passion.


More Information

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