PTC PLM Cloud: Can You Trust It with Your Data?

If you put your intellectual property in the cloud, are you giving up control? Can you always access your files? Is your data still safe from viruses and hackers?

Those are the questions on the minds of many small- to medium-sized business owners. It’s hard work turning your skills and ideas into a profitable business. Naturally, you want to protect your digital assets.

Using a cloud solution sounds risky because you can’t look down the hall and see where your files are stored. The data is just “out there.” But imagine the peril your files are in when you only store them within your walls. What happens if an important file is overwritten? Do you have the technical expertise to stop a malware outbreak, or the cash to pay someone else to clean it up? How will you restore data in the event of a larger disaster? (You do have a disaster recovery plan, right?).


The PTC PLM Cloud benefits extend beyond what we’ve talked about in previous posts. You still get third party integration, user account control, and more than two decades of research and development built into PTC Windchill. You also get solutions to common small business problems like secure file storage, backups, and disaster recovery. And all while keeping you in control of your intellectual property.

How does PTC PLM Cloud keep your data safe? Let’s take a look.


Cloud storage is built for redundancy. There are multiple storage facilities across the country. Your files reside in more than one place so you always have access to them, even if one data center is down for maintenance. PTC already has years of experience in hosted PLM solutions, maintaining 99.5% availability. The PTC PLM Cloud is there when you need it.

Your files are continuously protected.  Data centers are much more secure than the average SMB server or workstation. Enterprise level virus scanners check files every time they’re accessed. Clustered firewalls and VPN keep out all unauthorized traffic.  And to ensure these tools are working, trained staff are onsite to keep tabs on any alerts.

On your end, the PTC PLM Cloud requires strong rules for passwords and authentication. Your privacy and security are respected and protected at every access point.

Your data is physically secure, too.  Service providers have the highest level of security, with multiple levels of access, and only selected personnel can reach the hardware and  the cloud. Compare that most SMBs, who often allow any employee physical access to servers.

Backups and disaster recovery are easier. A sound plan for backup and recovery is essential  to businesses of all sizes. Cloud storage fills the gaps in your backup habits. No more copying files to external USB drives and wondering if you remembered everything. With PTC PLM Cloud, you know all your files are backed up.

Investing in PTC PLM Cloud can be part of your small business security and backup plans. Common practices in SMB’s are to focus so much on the work at hand that file security and backups move down the priorities list. Of course, no single solution covers everything. Yet we urge you to not only embrace the CAD tools, but to also see how PTC PLM Cloud adds a valuable layer to the protection of your digital assets.

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