A little lubrication to the cutting tool saves time and money

Drill holes, tap holes, cut molds, and machine metal – without coolant. The new Haas Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system delivers a steady flow of compressed air and small quantity of cutting oil directly to the cutting tool or tap, which reduces heat, removes chips, and provides lubrication. It’s not much oil, but it is just the right amount to be effective. This extends tool life and, in some cases, eliminates the requirement for coolant during milling operations.

Oil mister nozzle
Note: The MQL system is an addition to the Haas Automatic Air Gun (AAG) option. You’ll need both to make the system work, but that’s no problem because you’ll be able to utilize the air gun to cut back on your need for coolant.

Key Features

  • MQL comes with an oil reservoir, spray nozzle, and pressure gauge regulator
    • A needle atomizer valve is located at the tip of the Automatic Air Gun
    • The amount of oil delivered is set by the air pressure regulator on the reservoir
  • The air supplied to the reservoir comes from the main air manifold on the machine
  • MQL does not need a separate air line
  • The AAG air line is connected to the MQL reservoir
  • Recommended air pressure is between 40/60 psi (2.7/4.1 bar), depending on the type of oil


  • Improved tool life
  • Reduced chip welding
  • Improved part quality
  • Activated through M-codes (M83/M84), or manually
  • Cleaner machine inside and out
  • Chips are dry and ready to be recycled
  • In some applications, MQL eliminates the requirement for flood coolant

Return On Investment (ROI) Example: We did a little test and here’s what we found:

  • Standard taps operate between 30 to 80 SFM with coolant
  • Standard taps operate between 150 to 300 SFM with oil
  • One operation with 150 tapped holes with coolant at 80 SFM = 10 minutes
  • One operation with 150 tapped holes with oil at 160 SFM – 5 minutes – 50% decrease in cycle time
  • Pay back time: 1 week

Source Haas Automation

More information:

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