Excel Csepel Kft’s Participation in EMO 2015 Exhibition in Milan

Excel_Csepel_EMO_kiemeltIt is a significant milestone in Csepel Machine Tool Factory’s history that after a very long time and having omitted 14 years, it was capable again to come out with and expose an in-house built machine tool at the world’s largest machine tool exhibition in Milan. In contrast to foreign competitors, as a machine tool manufacturer in Hungary, Excel-Csepel Kft. has been present in the field

Of designing and building of customer-oriented CNC machine tools and implementing of various turn-key projects in both the domestic and foreign markets. Our factory’s activity is rather diversified as in addition to purposeful and targeted turning lathes we also manufacture machining cell systems with large movement range, portal milling machines, hydraulic CNC roller-burnishing machines, and ultrasonic material testing cells as well as robotised car parking systems. Due to the recovery in market demand the company restarted its production of high precision lathe machines where the recorded geometrical accuracy of workpieces (roundness, flatness, straightness) stays stably below 0.5 microns, and the attainable surface finish can be measured under Ra = 0.04. In addition to the manufacture of CNC machines, Csepel Machine Tool Factory is the exclusive representative of companies such as FEMCO or YOU JI.


The company’s profile will keep on representing a major role in the reconstruction and modernization of older machines.
In respect of foreign and inland visitors Csepel considers the machine tool exhibition EMO 2015 in Milan to be a success.
Excel Csepel Machine Tool Factory Ltd. would like to render special thanks hereby to all firms who contributed to our company’s successful participation at the EMO 2015 exhibition in Milan:
Hungary Fanuc Ltd., Avi Forg Kft, Ltd. CNC and DUO-Go-Metall Kft.

Source Excel Csepel Kft