AutoScan Collaborative Gauge

autoscan-collaborative-gauge-logo_cikkAutoScan Collaborative Gauge brings automated dimensional gauging outside the fence so production operators and collaborative robots can share a common workspace and perform tasks simultaneously during manufacturing operations.

Perceptron is the world leader in delivering fully automated dimensional inspection and gauging solutions to the manufacturing-floor using traditional industrial robots for in-line and near-line applications. Now with AutoScan Collaborative Gauge metrology solution, Perceptron harnesses its Helix smart sensor and shop-hardened Vector®analysis software with the very latest Collaborative Robot technology.


AutoScan Collaborative Gauge System:

  • Eliminates traditional robot safety fences
  • Allows robot programming by manual guidance

autoscan-gauge-tripod_cikkHighly Flexible Metrology:

  • Measure a wide variety of parts
  • Replace expensive hard gauges
  • Absolute or comparative gauging capability

Fully Automated Process:

  • High speed inspection and part throughput
  • No part preparation, sprays, or stickers
  • Metrology expertise not required to operate

 Real-Time Status Monitoring:

  • Immediate results via Measurement Monitor
  • One-Shot view of part trending
  • Tolerance limit alarms

Extensive SPC Reporting Package:

  • Historical database for traceability
  • Data analysis for process improvements
  • Remote access to inspection results