New from VARGUS: The F-LINE fixed clamping system for unprecedented rigidity

At EMO Milano 2015 VARGUS Ltd. is launching an exciting new member of its industryleading VARDEX family of threading tools: the F-Line Fixed Clamping System with a one-of-a-kind anti-rotation stopper designed into the toolholder that ensures 100% insert immobility and system rigidity throughout the entire machining procedure.

F-Line Fixed Clamping System

F-Line Fixed Clamping System

The F-Line is particularly well-suited to mass production requirements, as well as to applications that have to meet the most demanding specifications, such as highly precise thread profile perpendicularity for the API sector for example. The F-Line, with its built-in anti-rotation stopper, provides important benefits to our customers, including:

  • Lasting and precise threading profile perpendicularity, ensuring compliance with standard specifications
  • Uncompromising profile accuracy
  • Superior surface finish
  • Extended tool life for exceptional cost-effectiveness

The outstanding performance of the F-Line Fixed Clamping System makes it possible to reduce the number of passes and increase the cutting speed for greater productivity. The program includes right hand internal and external toolholders for standard (single-point) and multi+ inserts. In addition to the anti-rotation stopper enhancement, the toolholders are:

  • Nickel-coated for better wear resistance and anti-corrosion protection
  • Designed with a special support that, together with the reinforced anvil, provides optimal support for the cutting edge

The internal toolholders come with coolant thru to remove heat from the cutting zone for improved chip control, longer tool life and prevention of unplanned machine stoppages. The wide range of F-Line inserts are available in IC 1/2”F, in both Standard and Multi+ (2- and 3-tooth) styles: Partial 60°, 55°, ISO, UN, W, NPT; Round (DIN405, DIN20400); American Buttress, Metric Buttress (Sägengewinde); Trapez, ACME, Stub ACME.

Each F-Line insert is available in VARGUS’ standard VTX and the new VRX grade. VARGUS is proud to launch this innovative and highly robust threading product, which complements the VARDEX line of industry-leading thread turning and thread milling tools. The F-Line Fixed Clamping System is already integrated into the VARGUS GENius™ software for tool selection and cutting data – ready to meet the most demanding threading requirements.

Source Vargus Ltd.