OPTOCAT 2015R2 – New version, new functions

On time for Euromold, AICON 3D Systems presents the release of the scan software OPTOCAT. The new functions of the OPTOCAT 2015R2 version significantly facilitate and speed up the workflow of 3D measuring processes.

Now, the single captures of the scan process can be aligned automatically without help of photogrammetric index markers. For this alignment, OPTOCAT utilizes intelligent algorithms to evaluate the geometric and radiometric features of the scanned object. Manual processing by the user is no longer required.


Also new: the back projection of the measuring results in full color directly onto the measuring object. This function can be used with the recently introduced stereoSCAN neo – a combination of high-resolution sensor technology and digital projection unit – that is now fully integrated in the OPTOCAT software. The adaptive full color projection technique enables not only projection of the color patterns, which are necessary for the scanning process onto the object, but also of the measurement results. This allows for the deviations from the CAD to be visualized in color on the object surface. With the back projection the user immediately identifies the necessary corrections at a component. Even if the position of the measuring object has been changed after the scan process – only a short position check with the stereoSCAN neo, the color results become visible on the object.

The back projection of deviations is also feasible with third party software. If the scan data are processed with help of PolyWorks®, OPTOCAT projects these evaluations back onto the measuring object.


Source aicon3d.com