AutoScan Collaborative Laser Gauge – The Automatic Portable Arm

autoscan-collaborative-gauge_logo_cikkAutoScan Collaborative Gauge represents a series of next generation automatic industrial inspection and gauging solutions for the manufacturing floor using the very latest Collaborative Robot mated with Perceptron’s revolutionary Helix Smart Scanning Sensor technologies.

Perceptron is already the world leader in delivering fully automated dimensional inspection and gauging solutions to the manufacturing-floor using traditional industrial robots for in-line and near-line applications. Now with the AutoScan Collaborative Gauge metrology solution, Perceptron harnesses its Helix smart sensor and shop-hardened Vector® analysis software with the very latest Collaborative Robot technology.

The unique HELIX Smart Sensor can be programmed for line density with line intervals down to 100 microns. It also allows scanning volume, laser line count and line orientation to be customized for each region of interest on highly detailed, complex parts.

AutoScan Collaborative Gauge

AutoScan Collaborative Gauge

AutoScan Collaborative Gauge System:

  • Eliminates traditional robot safety fences
  • Allows robot programming by manual guidance

Highly Flexible Metrology:

  • Measure a wide variety of parts
  • Replace expensive hard gauges
  • Absolute or comparative gauging capability

Fully Automated Process:

  • High speed inspection and part throughput
  • No part preparation, sprays, or stickers
  • Metrology expertise not required to operate

 Real-Time Status Monitoring:

  • Immediate results via Measurement Monitor
  • One-Shot view of part trending
  • Tolerance limit alarms

Extensive SPC Reporting Package:

  • Historical database for traceability
  • Data analysis for process improvements
  • Remote access to inspection results

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