New revolutionary vertical machining centres in the new design with the DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline® Control*

DMG MORI is presenting the new generation of the ecoMill V series with the highest accuracy of 6 μm in its class and cutting performance of 12.000 rpm as standard.

DMG MORI has been defining a standard for users of powerful entry-level machines for many years with the ECOLINE product range. This also applies to the new generation of the ecoMill V series. The range consists of a series of machining centres that can accommodate workpieces weighing 600 kg, 800 kg and 1000 kg respectively in the form of the ecoMill 600 V, ecoMill 800 V and ecoMill 1100 V with the traverse X – axis of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1100 mm accordingly to the machines size. The highlight of the latest
ecoMill V series is the completely revised ECOLINE New Design, by means of which
DMG MORI has improved working ergonomics and achieved a high degree of value stability. The new 19″ DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline® Control* with SIEMENS is the next step for innovative and modern user interface.

The performance of the three models in the ecoMill V series is outstanding, even in the standard version: the spindle operates at a speed of 12,000 rpm and with torque of 119 Nm in these models. The rapid traverse speed in all axis is 30 m/min. The highest positioning accuracy in its class is 6 μm (without direct scales), due to direct coupling in X / Y, no belt drive for no backlash. The tool-changing time achieves up to 1.3 seconds. In total, the cutting speed has been increased by up to 25%. An optimized machine structure also increases stability during machining, and a high degree of manufacturing flexibility is provided in the standard version by having 30 tool pockets in the tool magazine.

DMG MORI ecoMill 800 V

DMG MORI ecoMill 800 V

All three ecoMill V models impress with their compact design and large working areas. They have a Y-axis travel distance of 560 mm and room for components with a maximum workpiece weight of 600 kg in the case of the ecoMill 600 V, 800 kg in the case of the ecoMill 800 V and 1000 kg in the case of the ecoMill 1100 V. The user can position the optional chip conveyor at the rear of the machine or on the left-hand side, depending on the space situation.

DMG MORI is underlining the high quality claim of the ECOLINE products with the latest design revolution in the entry-level segment. For this reason, the new ecoMill V series has finishes made from anodised aluminium that are significantly more robust and scratch-resistant and powder-coated metal claddings, which helps to make the machine cladding more durable and increases value stability. The safety windows are attached in such a way that they can be easily replaced from the outside if they become damaged. An optional window with access to the tool magazine also makes it possible to equip the tools during production. With the new design now the machines are improved also with better accessibility to the table for ergonomic loading and unloading as well as scratch- and wear-resistant surface for a higher reliability. With the highest rigidity – FEM optimized cast iron C-frame design and around 1t more weight of machine on the smallest footprint in class.

DMG MORI has also increased operating convenience by having large doors that make loading and unloading easier. The convenient table height of 850 mm and the short distance to the table (313 mm) are also handy.

One additional highlight of the new ecoMill V series is the control variety. The new DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline® Control* (19″ / Operate on SIEMENS / 400 V) with the highest screen resolution and touch operations is practical, user friendly and ergonomically optimized. You can simulate the machining process in advance – of course in 3D. Optimized panel with 45 degrees swiveling and intuitive use – this is how modern and responsible work places look like. Optimized ergonomics is the advantage for a better control and machine status overview as well as efficient and safe machine operation. The new revolutionary DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline® Control* (19″ / Operate on SIEMENS / 400 V) is the step to the next level with its significantly extended advanced programming with the capacity 4 GB instead of 5 MB in comparison with previous version. The new ecoMill V series in new design is also available with DMG MORI SLIMline® Panel (15″ / MAPPS IV on FANUC).

Highlights of the new ecoMill V series

  • NEW // ecoMill V series with highest precision
    and cutting performance 12,000 min-1 as standard
  • NEW // 3D control technology with the new
    DMG MORI Multi-Touch SLIMline® Control*
    (19″ / Operate on SIEMENS / 400 V)
  • Alternative DMG MORI SLIMline® Panel
    (15″ / MAPPS IV on FANUC)
  • Highest accuracy with 6 μm (without direct scales)
    due to direct coupling in X / Y, no belt drive for no backlash
  • Bigger workpieces due to largest Y-axis stroke
    with 560 mm – best in its class
  • Traverse X – axis of 600 mm / 800 mm / 1100 mm
    respectively to the machines’ size
  • 30 tool pockets in standard, tool-changing time of 1.3 sec.
  • 30 m/min rapid traverse rate in all axis
  • Machines in three sizes with drive power
    (25 / 100 % DC) of 15/9 kW and torque of 119/57 Nm
  • Small footprint, space saving with optional
    rear chip conveyor, or to the left side
  • 30° steep covers for optimized chip fall
  • Perfect ergonomics with 850 mm table height
    and 313 mm from machine front to the table
*Available from March 2016