Studer introduces S141 cylindrical grinding machine

With the S141 STUDER introduced another trend-setting cylindrical grinding machine to the market in 2014. Its technical features and true STUDER precision are extremely impressive. No matter whether its a flange component that is required or spindles up to 1300 mm, the S141 CNC Universal internal cylindrical grinding machine can meet any challenge.

The machine’s ergonomic design and user friendliness are evident at first glance. Two generously-sized sliding doors provide the best accessibility not only to the workpiece but also when changing the grinding wheel. Short changeover times and fast reprogramming of the controls help keep downtime to a minimum. This makes the machine very interesting for the production of single pieces, small and large series. The S141 is available in a variety of model lengths for workpieces up to maximum lengths of 300, 700 and 1300 mm (11.8”, 27.5” and 51.1”). In all models, the swing diameter over the table is Ø 400 mm (15.7”) and the maximum grinding length is 250 mm (9.8”) for internal and 150 mm (5.9”) for external grinding. The S141 is the ideal machine for grinding spindle shafts, spindle casings, rotor shafts, axes or flange parts.

Studer S141

Studer S141

Highlights of the S141:

– The Granitan® machine bed provides excellent cushioning behavior.

– The revolutionary StuderGuide® guideway system with linear motors offers the highest levels of geometric path and guide accuracy.

– The grinding spindle turret with integrated swivel axis enables the use of up to four grinding spindles and a universal measuring probe.

– The workhead is adjustably mounted on a swiveling table. The automatic swivel axis has a swiveling range of 10° to +20° (length of model 1300 mm (51.1”), +15°).

– The robust steady-rest specially designed for internal grinding enables simple setup and universal use.

– The machine can be equipped with up to two pivoting dressing units with fixed or rotating dressing tools. This enables the engagement of optimized grinding tools throughout the machining process, fulfilling a key prerequisite for maximum precision with dimensional stability, contour accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces.

– Thanks to the 15″ Fauc control series 31B touch screen operating terminal with integrated computer, which is positioned to the right of the generously sized double sliding door, the grinder has a perfect overview of the entire work area while operating the machine.

– Two different intuitive operating systems can be put to use: StuderWIN and StuderSIM.

The S141 is being launched on the market as a fully developed new product. Over many months, several S141 were in use in the production areas at Fritz Studer AG and at a customer site. The production of qualitatively challenging workpieces has already been put to a hard daily stress test: the S141 has proven itself to be extremely reliable. STUDER is now advancing work on the S141, which has been successfully launched on the market, to produce its S131 and S151 machines and thus introduce an entire series.

The S131 is much smaller and more compact than the S141 – with a swing diameter over the table of Ø 250 mm (9.8”) and a maximum grinding length of 175 mm (6.9”) for internal and 125 mm (4.9”) for external grinding. It is available for workpieces with a maximum length of 300 mm (11.8”). The S151 is a somewhat larger than the S141 – it has a swing diameter over the table of Ø 550 (21.6”) mm and a maximum grinding length of 400 mm (15.7”)for internal and 150 mm (5.9”) for external grinding. It is available for workpieces with a maximum length of 700 mm (27.5”). Naturally, the S131 and S151 machines are designed using the same fully developed technology as the S141. In the design of the S141 particular focus was placed on ergonomics.