Okuma Customer, L&R Precision Tooling, Inc., expands business by investing in a PALLETACE Flexible Manufacturing System

Okuma’s PALLETACE enhances productivity and CNC machining capabilities for L&R Precision Tooling, Inc.

Okuma customer L&R Precision Tooling, Inc. has invested in their future with a PALLETACE flexible manufacturing system (FMS) integrated with three Okuma MB-4000H horizontal machining centers. As a busy CNC job shop serving the aerospace, medical and energy industries, they handle a wide variety of jobs that involve complex, tight tolerance parts cut from exotic and difficult to machine metals. The integrated machining center and FMS system provide flexibility that enables them to be more proactive and reactive to customer needs. “We don’t think you have to grow or die. But you do have to improve or die. Our PALLETACE system from Okuma allows us to do that,” states Clay Leath, President, L&R Precision Tooling.

PALLETACE Flexible Manufacturing System

PALLETACE Flexible Manufacturing System

The FMS reduces set up time and change overs allowing L&R to take on repeat orders while accommodating schedule and quantity changes. This advanced CNC machining technology also enables shorter lead times, competitive pricing and lights-out manufacturing for increased productivity. Since acquiring the PALLETACE L&R has more than doubled their warehouse square footage in addition to increasing their workforce by 45 percent.

Source okuma.com